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Animu looks like this. Sorta.

"I've heard that some people complain about the large eyes and small noses and mouths in Japanese manga. But I don't see a whole lot of difference when I look at Disney characters."

– Shirow Masamune

"Anime has sent me all over the world, introducing me to people who have touched my life in indescribably profound ways."

Steve Blum

Anime is a shorter term for "Japanese-style animation". It was first popularised by Ozamu Tezuka after watching too many Disney films (fun trivia: Tezuka, and many Japanese folks, were also big fans of Betty Boop, and the 1935 cartoon A Language All My Own was made with the nation in mind), and thus adopted the artstyle for use in Japanese media.

Anime bears various qualities distinct from western animation, a few of which are easily recognizable even to the uninitiated westerner. Anime's more recognizable characteristics include, but are not limited to the following:

Mainstream western animation has started to take cues from anime within the last decade or so, with shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, RWBY and Teen Titans.

What qualifies as anime is a source of skub. Some say anything with an anime art-style, such as the shows mentioned above, qualify. Some say that only only animations made in Japan qualify, with the above series being merely anime-inspired or have anime-artstyle without actually being anime.

Being a fan of anime does not necessarily make one weeaboo under the stricter definition of the term, but if you are weeaboo you are almost certainly an anime fan, so most normalfags do not bother to make the distinction. A very, very large proportion of 4chan's userbase are anime fans, including many of the denizens of /tg/. As a result, anime-related images are frequently posted to /tg/. They also generally have very little to do with the topic itself.

Here is a list of some /tg/-approved anime.

Many, if not most Drawfags will draw their females in a vaguely or obviously animooted style this tends to increase "fappable levels", if only just to make it more appealing to the general crowd weeaboos. Since 4chan's userbase is, as noted above, composed of 90% weeaboos, no one really complains about this.

tl;dr: Its alright, but weebs make it unlikable.

Is anime Heresy?[edit]

This topic has been brought up many times, and has been the subject of lively debate. Despite several anime perversions that are 120% qualified for genocidal cleansing, due to the majority of 4chan's userbase beeing weeaboos, most forms of anime's questionable aspects are deemed "tolerable" or even "holy".

However, anime does have its detractors within 4chan and the WH40K base, with some pointing out several examples of anime that are pretty much the equivalent of Daemonic perversions, tainted insanity, and the worst of them all, unironic communism.

As mentioned previously, the stance of the Imperium on anime is mixed, with some calling for its promotion, some tolerating it, and some believing that it requires Exterminatus.

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