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This is a page to detail the exploits, assets, and personality of one Lord Inquisitor Ankorial Telesius. The page is under diligent construction by Savant William of the Emperor's most holy Inquisition.


Greetings Lord Inquisitor, I hope this message reaches you well. With the recent increase in Ork uprisings I have forwarded this archive to you at my own initiative. I have compiled it to detail the exploits, methods and resources of one of the most successful Ork-fighters in the history of the Imperium, in hope that you may glean some useful knowledge in how to combat this green menace.

Archive dated: M324.39

Lord Inquisitor Ankorial Telesius[edit]

Status: Deceased.

Origins: Magnaugen Primaris (Presumed).

The Pict casts and vid feeds show Ankorial as a reasonably tall man, using some of his bodyguards as reference points I have been able to set his height at 1.87 standard metres. His face bears few visible marks of aging undoubtedly due to the usage of rejuvenant type pharmaceuticals, he had a rather broad figure for someone hailing from the low gravity world of Magnaugen Primaris. It is easy to see why popular folktales and legends within the Ordo set him as an Imperial Guard junior officer before his induction. According to eyewitness accounts and memoirs of noted generals active during the 32'nd Millenium he exuded an almost palpable aura of command and confidence, he had reasonably soft facial feature something that mildly surprised me.

Regardless, evidence to support the aforementioned fanciful 'folk' tales within the inquisition does exist, in particular the way he clothed himself, eschewing fancier clothing or heavy armour in favour of the red and white Magnaugen officer fatigues. In those instances he entered combat along with his retinue clad in Munitorum issued carapace armor, other such rumours originating outside the Ordos support this as well, a few personal datalogs belonging to troopers serving in his personal Stormtrooper regiment mention him taking a personal interest in them. A few even going so far to say that he had weekly tarot games with the junior officers of this regiment.


Inner Circle[edit]

Trooper First Class Helena Hargraven.

Status: Deceased.

Origins: Magnaugen Primaris (Presumed).

Standing tall at 2.1 Standard metres Helena Hargraven is an imposing figure when encased in the power armor she usually favors. She has a slim frame, something most people hailing from the lower than normal gravity world Magnaugen do. She carries herself with the calm air of a seasoned veteran, and has been notably augmented in multiple places, the most obvious being the augmetic eye that glows a baleful red, along with an augmetic arm, the reasoning for requisitioning these should be recorded somewhere in these archives.

How she came to be right hand of one the most influential figureheads of the 32'nd Millenium appears to be rather straightforward if the sources provided can be trusted. According to personal comments on the matter from both the inquisitor and Helena they served together in the same imperial guard regiment, Before ever having anything to do with the emperors most holy inquisition. After some digging through Munitorum archives I have managed to narrow this down by cross-referencing the deployment dates of the different Magnaugen imperial guard regiments active at the time, according to my findings they both served in the Magnaugen 7th heavy infantry regiment for several years.

After consulting the personnel rosters of this particular regiment over the appropriate time frame, I have managed to establish with some certainty (98.7 percent) that Helena served as a special weapons trooper in one of the command elements. Any further wisdom on this matter eludes me as these archives seem to have been have been conveniently lost. Even the Munitorum records which usually are more than diligent (if complete I could have divined even her issued kit at the time) fail me at this juncture.

Savant Ignacy Remulo

Status: Deceased.

Origins: Unknown.

A pudgy figure standing at a scant 1.54 standard metres Ignacy Remulo stands out like a sore thumb when compared to the usual war worn veterans within the inquisitors personal retinue. It is clear that he must be an exceptional individual to have attracted the eyes of the inquisition at all. According to picts taken during the time, an abundance of chins is visible, (Though hidden somewhat under copious amounts of pitch black facial hair) speaking of a man with a love for food something the Inquisitors own records seem to support, "a gregarious fellow if ever I saw one within my retinue, just don't get him started on the quarterly budget, and Holy Emperor this is the third time i have had to tell the mess staff to secure the larder." - Ankorial Telesius

Since Munitorum and Administratum records have failed me here, it is not with just a little smug satisfaction that I present you the information I have been able to dig up about this man. Their association seems to have begun somewhere around 421.M33 (At about the same time the inquisitor acquired his flagship it should be noted), as a result of the inquisitors investigations into a recent drop of promethium production at the facilities of noted Death World Tana IV, Ignacy seems to have been assigned as an Administratum clerk at one of the enrichment facilities at the time, suffice to say when the inquisitor discovered his near compendium like knowledge of statistics probabilities and the inner workings of the Administratum he was strong armed into service.

Rogue Trader Felix Amundsen

Status: Unknown likely deceased.

Origins: Braken Primaris.

Another notable associate of the inquisitors is the rogue trader and explorer Felix Amundsen, although his apparent camera shyness makes it hard for me to find anything relating to his appearance. I was allowed a peek at the Dynasty's ledger after flashing your Rosette (Which I apologize again for requisitioning without notifying you sire and promise it shan't happen again.) And a quick skim leads me to believe that aside from personnel Felix Handled most acquisitions for Ankorial, in fact having provided the Inquisitor with what would be his flagship as a result of what I can tell appears to have been an inebriated game of tarot, though an initial sour start to their relationship it is apparent that Felix was afforded some of Ankorial's Inquisitorial authority on a few occasions where negotiations were not sufficient. Noted as being a tough negotiator, having excellent table manners, an affinity for cold weather otherwise seen only in Ice Worlders and being an expert manipulator.

Sanctioned Psyker Alexei Polkanov

Status: Missing (Sucked into the warp).

Origins: Braken Secundus.

Sanctioned psyker Alexei Polkanov hails from Braken Secundus, a destitute Agri-world whose people have a single minded religious fervor, a stark contrast to the first planet in the Braken system where people live in rich opulence with willful disregard of any sort of faith for the most part. Early on in his life Alexei was cast out by his family, a common occurrence on such uneducated worlds, and thrust into the wilds where he showed significant aptitude by surviving for long enough to be noted by the planets judicial enforcers who promptly instigated a quite literal witch hunt. Felix Amundsen had happened to be on the planet regulating some large scale grain shipments when he heard about it, in response he swiftly intervened convincing the judges to leave him in his (Felix's) custody, at which point he promptly shipped him off to the Inquisitor, above average on the psychic scale of measurement (Although not by a high amount) and showing slightly more mental stability than on average the Inquisitor inducted him into his cadre and grew to trust his judgement.

Inquisitor Jane Grifen

Status: Unknown.

Origins: Magnaugen Primaris.

Jane Grifen, like Felix Amundsen, was one of the Inquisitor's inner circle that were not in his immediate vicinity for the most of the time, although a considerable amount of her youth was indeed spent under his wing, so to speak. She never knew her parents as they died fighting in the imperial guard, it is hence clear to me that they must have been some form of commissioned officers as Jane was taken into the local Schola Progenium on Magnaugen where she showed immediate promise. Originally destined to have joined the arbites this changed as Ankorial on one of his visits back to the homeworld (To reinforce his dwindled storm trooper cadre no doubt.) Noticed the potential in the somewhat young lady and instructed the head of the institution to release her into his custody, one of the few Inquisitors who can say they earned their Rosette under his wing she curiously did not inherit her teacher's penchant for warfare but instead became a more traditional Inquisitor working the cloak and dagger while her master did what he did best, Jane was probably second only to Helena in the Inquisitor's trust for she would eventually run his intelligence network. It must be said that they did work well together.


The Hand Of Magnaugen

Class: Pleasure yacht? (Truth be told it has no official designation, something which irks me more than I am happy to admit.).

Status: Scrapped.

Place Of Manufacture: Unknown (Despite the ships name it is safe to assume it was not constructed there, it is rather more likely the inquisitor renamed it).

The Hand Of Magnaugen is a rather unassuming vessel, lacking the dauntless exterior of an imperial warship, as a result it is a vessel that is hard to classify as there is not much i can compare it too, hence listing its capabilities might prove an easier way to form an understanding of its tasks and use. Its armaments are fairly limited for a flagship, with a small battery of prow mounted volcano cannons being the only offensive weaponry existing aboard the ship, apparently intended for sustainable precision orbital support as according to specifications they were not set to fire at the same time, letting one cannon fire while another one cools down and readies to fire again, offering a much higher rate of fire than the similar weapon systems found on imperial battle titans and the venerable Shadowsword Titan-killer, aside from this the other armaments seem to consist of a multitude of flak batteries littering the hull and clearly intended to dissuade any sort of boarding actions and to prevent untimely destruction at the hand of torpedoes.

In addition to this a small sections of the hull appears to have been hollowed out in at least three places to create a void-open fighter bay/hangar, though not an imperial carrier by any means the amount of vessels it could possibly carry can at most be somewhere in the low 70's and more likely in the low 40's it must also be noted that not all of them would be fighters either, ground attack and transport craft would also have taken up capacity. Judging from naval battle-reports it appears the civilian void shields had been replaced by navy grade ones, at least after its first unfortunate demise to a traitor legion cruiser.

The most striking and unusual feature of the ship has to be the amount of space dedicated to intelligence, communications, and command (Both fleet and ground) duties, With the void gazing deck that runs along the entire four and a half kilometer length of the hull at the top of the ship having been converted into part command centre and part bridge.

Another curious feature of this ship is the fact that it sported a teleportarium, according to records it had been gutted from the Dominator class cruiser "Ruthless Retort" and fitted in an area that used to hold a shipborne tennis court although clearly the effort and resources required in doing so means it is something Ankorial could only have done later in his career.

I conclude by saying that the closest comparison i can make to any other vehicle or vessel serving within the armed forces of the Imperium must be that of the Capitol Imperialis the indomitable mobile command super heavy tanks the Imperial Guard uses on occasion.

Ruthless Retort

Class: Dominator Class Cruiser.

Status: Missing.

Place Of Manufacture: Mars.