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AT, yep that can only mean Anti-Tripod

While the majority of artillery used in the great Martian War are general purpose weapons originally designed for human foes, the Anti-Tripod gun is the first purpose built weapon to counter the Invaders. Originally developed by the German company Krupp for the Kaiser and the German Empire in the days after the first Invasion, the United States imported a number of examples to investigate their viability. When the Second Invasion began the State Department was still attempting to acquire the manufacturing rights to begin domestic production, but simple things like copyrights don't seem all that important when faced with a tidal wave of tripods and the AT Gun was soon in domestic production with assurances passed to the Germans that things like royalties would certainly be payed out some time in the future.

The Anti-Tripod Gun has proved highly effective in the field despite its limited numbers. The 3.5 inch (or 90 mm if you're a European weirdo) high velocity shell is more than capable of smashing through the Alien war machines, and is especially potent when equipped with special Martian alloy capped shells.

The trademark over sized gun shield provides a bit more protection to the gun crew. The gun shield is manufactured in the same way as the hulls of the steam tanks with layers of asbestos insulation sandwiched in between steel plates.

In All Quiet on the Martian Front[edit]

If you were wondering when you would get your hands on a high power weapon without having to spend a truly exorbitant amount of points look no further.

The Anti-Tripod Gun is a 30 inch range +3 power weapon with Barrage 1 when loaded with an HE shell and a devastating 30 inch range +4 power when firing the special Anti-Tripod shell. HE essentially turns the AT gun into a single weapon Field Gun Battery with half the range so yeah, don't expect this weapon to do much against soft targets like Lobototon Hoards. Of course hoard clearing is not the point of the Anti-Tripod gun, and to be completely honest a hoard Martian player is an exceedingly rare breed, so you most likely will be using the AT shell at all times.

While you will be in range of a Concentrated heat ray shot at your max range, the Gun shield does give you an extra point of armor at 6 and the defense of 5 isn't much to rely on its still better than nothing. You wont be able to reposition should you find yourself out of place unless you have brought along some Flivers to hitch up to as the speed of "Tow Only" prevents you from moving at all unless hitched up to a transport. You may still pivot on the spot though if the Aliens try to flank you.

It will cost you 80 points to add a single Anti-Tripod Gun to your force.

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