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The Antitribu symbol. The shield is used as a background to the Clan logo.

Antitribu ("anti-tribe", or "against the clan") are a group of vampires from Vampire: The Masquerade who go against the mainline clan politics. In practice this means that the subgroub is either part of the Sabbat or independent from the mainstream clan. The reaction of the clans to the existence of the Antitribu is mixed: some despise their existence and try to destroy them all (and in the case of the Tremere succeeded in the V:TM metaplot) while others are on a more live and let live basis with their kin, or consider clan loyalty to be above faction loyalty. The symbols of the Antitribu are that of the mainline clans, except decorated with a black shield in the background. The shield can also be drawn as or be symbolic of a stylized wax seal or blood drop.


  • Assamite: The Angels of Caine are much like their independent counterpart, except that they accept non-Arab warriors into their fold. They are also not part of the curse of the Tremere, meaning they have no addiction to Vitae. They consider their Antediluvian, Haqim, to be misguided or in cahoots with his fellows, and as such they have to stand against the grandchildren of Caine without his guidance. The Antitribu Assamite are the foremost assassins of the Sabbat, but due to an understanding with the main clan they will never clash with their "loyalist" kin, a decision that the Sabbat respects.
  • Brujah: The Brutes are the most overtly violent of all the Antitribu in the Sabbat. They are the warriors at the front, the soldiers and cannon fodder, as well as the inventors of the Shovelheads: people who are turned, knocked out, buried alive and have to dig their way out before the sun gets them. They consider themselves to be amongst the founders of the Sabbat, much to the chagrin of the Lasombra and Tzimisce.
  • Followers of Set: The Serpents of Light are an unusual bunch. They do not worship Set as their creator, instead seeing their founder as a particularly old and powerful vampire from whom they descended. They made their way to the West Indies when a cultist who worshipped the Serpents was enslaved, brought to the West Indies to serve as a slave there before escaping back to Africa. He begged his masters to free the people back in the West Indies, and so one of the Serpents, a nameless priest, went on a journey to the west and lead a slave revolt. The revolt was put down, but not before the priest embedded himself and his cult in the land's mythology, where he survives to this night. The Serpents oppose the Antediluvians, believing that they will devour their kin if they were to awaken. They prefer to work through cults and information networks, leaving the dangerous work to others as they use whatever seduction they need to gain the service of others.
  • Gangrel: The Hunters are the predators to the berserkers of the Antitribu Brujah. They are the hunters and scouts of the Sabbat, tracking prey and gathering information before striking without mercy.
  • Giovanni: There are no Antitribu Giovanni. Blood is thicker than water and Vitae is thicker still. Any Giovanni with severe grievances with their clan will either mellow down after a few years or is invited to "talk" with some family members, after which the issue won't come up ever again. Still, the Giovanni openly sell weapons to the Sabbat which will then be used against the Camarilla. Yet they don't get into trouble for this: mainly because of how easy it is to blame the Sabbat and watch all heads turn away from them. And the Sabbat are repeat customers, which the Giovanni like.
  • Lasombra: If you were to ask the Lasombra themselves, they'd tell you that there is no such thing as a Lasombra Antitribu. Of course, a Lasombra would tell you a lot of things, mainly to show off how awesome they are. But in truth they do exist. Often powerful Elders (and they have to be if they want to exist for long) they either work on their own as independents or even join the Camarilla. Such Kindred will face constant suspicion at best, outright hostility at worst. But whether they are Sabbat or Camarilla the Lasombra have the same goal: the destruction of the Antediluvians and winning the Jyhad. The Lasombra Antitribu just see the Camarilla as the ones who are going to get the job done, despite the fact that Camarilla policy states that they don't exist.
  • Malkavian: The Freaks are the most violent and dangerous of all Malkavians, taking their trademark madness into all-out violent psychosis. They will stop at nothing to break others in mind or spirit to make them see the method to their madness. Thanks to retcons and intentional vagueness, its unclear exactly which faction the Malkavian Antitribu are; its arguable that all existing Malkavians are.
  • Nosferatu: The Creeps have wholly embraced their condition and deformities. Instead of hiding like their Camarilla kin they walk openly in the night, reveling in their ugliness. They still take on the role of information brokers and work together with their non-Sabbat kin the most freely of all the Clans. Even if their methods differ they are united in their fear and hatred of their Antediluvian and the dreaded Nictuku, and will gladly trade truthful information regarding these subjects with their kin.
  • Ravnos: The Rogues are pretty laid back about their Antitribu status, as are the other Ravnos. They are nomads who revel in their trickery and deceit, roaming the world as part of a Sabbat pack. They are very honorable and always consider themselves true to their word. They couldn't break it without a severe loss of face amongst both the Antitribu and regular Ravnos. Their status turned to be a blessing when their Antediluvian Zapathasura awoke, with many Antitribu Ravnos being restrained by their packmates for long enough to not be around when the Technocracy put the Antediluvian down.
  • Toreador: The Perverts are the most sadistic of all the Antitribu kindred. They too are drawn to beauty, but it needs to contain cruelty. They will gladly torture and abuse their victims as long as it creates some work of art that draws a powerful emotional response.
  • Tremere: The Spellbinders are quite the tale. When Goriatrix, one of Tremere's childer, was forced into exile he took quite a few followers with him. Eventually he founded the Universidad del Tercer Circulo del Serpiente Dorado (The University of the Third Circle of the Golden Serpent) in Mexico City, the capital of the Sabbat. The Tremere Antitribu found themselves the subject of a great curse: anyone undergoing Vaulderie would find themselves with a burning letter T on their foreheads that only the Tremere can see, marking them as traitors. The Tremere Antitribu are seen with suspicion by the Tzimisce, who remember that it took a great number of them for the once-Mages to become Kindred on their own accord. In 1998 something happened though: every single Tremere antitribu who had undergone Vaulderie was disintegrated at once. The Tremere claimed this as a great victory, but not all Tremere Antitribu were slain: there are still a few around that had not sworn themselves to others with Vaulderie. They know they walk a thin line: the rest of the Sabbat don't trust them because they don't want to be marked and slain like the other Tremere Antitribu were and so they have to buy themselves tolerance by teaching the Sabbat Thaumaturgy, but if they teach them everything there is to know the Sabbat, lead by the Tzimisce, will destroy them.
  • Tzimisce: There are no Antitribu Tzimisce. Sure, there are those independent of the Sabbat Tzimisce, but they are not Antitribu. They are the Old Clan Tzimisce, those who stay apart from the Jyhad and rule from their castles in Eastern Europe. They reject the Discipline of Vicissitude, seeing it as an infection spread by the Eldest so that he can use the Tzimisce to rise again in the future, which, depending on which Gehanna scenario your Storyteller runs, could easily be 100% true. Instead they learn the ways of Koldunic Sorcery, a very spiritual Discipline that allows one to manipulate the elements.
  • Ventrue: The Crusaders are appalled by the course of the mainline Ventrue. They see their merchantile ways as weak, their desire to rule without taking up the sword against their enemies unworthy. As such, the Ventrue Antitribu have taken up the sword (sometimes literally) to serve as the Sabbat's knights and Paladins, fighting for the right to lead and destroying everyone else, including the dreaded Antediluvians. While not universal, many Crusaders forsake their clan discipline of Presence in favour of Auspex.


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