Apples to Apples

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Give me things that are "risky."

Apples to Apples is like some anti-matter universe version of /b/ where it's made of win instead of 12-year old trolls.

There will be LULZ, there will be amusing WTFs and this is a game even your girlfriend will want to play.

Apples to Apples is played with two decks of cards: one "red apple" deck, and one "green apple" deck. Everyone gets a hand of seven "red apple" (noun) cards. These nouns can be anything, from Dennis Rodman to the Attack on Pearl Harbour to Weddings. One player takes a turn at being the judge, setting aside their red cards for this round, and turns over a "green apple" (adjective) card from the green deck, like Casual or Moist or Neglected. All the other players must play a red apple card from their hand which they think is most appropriate for the green card, placing it face down. The judge picks up all of the face-down red cards, shuffles them, and then picks the red card that they feel is most appropriate for the green card. Whoever played that winning red card takes the green card to keep track of points. Then the judge discards all of the played red cards, deals each player a new red card off the red deck so they maintain a full hand, and the next player to the left takes their turn to be judge. You can't argue with the judge's decision, but it doesn't matter because everyone gets a turn at being a judge.

Play continues in this fashion until one player has won enough points. You're supposed to play to (12 - # of players) points, but you're just gonna keep going, trust me. And there will be laughs, because someone's going to turn over "DREAD: awful, terrible" and play "GAZEBO" and you're gonna have giggles. Or "MOIST" and "FRENCH MAID". Or "DELICIOUS" with "BACON", "CAKE", "MY DAUGHTER" and "ROAD KILL". Or,better yet,"HONORABLE" and "HITLER"

Look, I can't just make up the lulz here, you just have to try it and see the random for yourself.

Multiple different official expansions have been released over the years since the game was originally released in 1999, adding even more cards to the game. But since the rules are so damn simple, and the cards themselves are so damn simple, people are making their own cards all the time. They even sell blank cards in packs of 36, making this game probably the most commercially successful version of 1000 Blank White Cards ever.

/tg/ Version of the game[edit]

It's easy and fun to make up noun and adjective cards. Someone somewhere has written software to take a list and turn them into Acrobat PDF files suitable for printing; it should be damn easy to make a deck appropriate for elegan/t g/entlemen.

See Also[edit]

  • Cards Against Humanity, which is like this, but the stated goal is to be the funniest, rather than being the most applicable to the topic card. The cards available in CaH are designed to make offensive humor very easy, unlike Apples to Apples where you can only rarely play Hitler for Heroic, and even then, by the rules, you're not supposed to win (unless the judge thinks it's true).
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