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Appraisal is the name given to an interpretation of Warhammer High that centers less on the Daughters and lighthearted romance, and more on the baseline humans around them. The narrative presented below is darker than most on /tg/, and by the first story's second chapter is easily the darkest WHH story presented so far. It starts at the beginning of the Daughters' senior year, and introduces a group of kids (fleshed out reinterpretations of unused characters) who were selected, augmented and trained to create a covert protection force beyond what the Treasury provides. The specifics (e.g. the way characters look and speak, what places, objects and activities are named, etc.) remain mostly in line with established WHH canon, but the themes eke more and more into Warhammer 40k territory as the story progresses.

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Clade Kids and Friends[edit]

Vincent DeCare – Senior at Imperator High. The oldest member of the group. Vin relishes the chance to compete with Isis and Venus at swim meets, and with Roberta in track and field. He has never beaten them yet, but few begrudge the handsome young man his efforts. Vin's known for spending his downtime at a local cafhouse, making eyes at one of the Eldar proprietors.

Douglas Hanlon – Senior at Imperator High. The newest member of the group. Doug excels in almost every subject, and is one of the few students actively attending the school who lives under the hiveskin. He's possessed of an inquisitive nature, and doesn't have much of a reputation until the second week of the school year.

Caroline Lidus – Junior at Imperator High. The mouth of the group. A confident, snarky girl known to her friends as Callie, Caroline Lidus has quite the reputation around the school for sharing a bed (and other places) with more than a few boys and girls, sometimes more than one at a time. She's a major contributor to the school's stock of gossip and rumors, and can often be seen chatting with the Twins.

Janus Sigitine – Junior at Imperator High. The most naïve of the bunch. One of the school's few psykers, Janus is a quiet, thoughtful boy, and bears a humble wisdom beyond his years. He makes no effort to hide what he reads, and many old, hard to acquire religious texts are among those books. He nurses a crush on Callie, as well as on several of the school's blondes, but can never find the courage to make a move.

Everett Sior – Sophomore at Imperator High. The group's muscle. He was raised in the same Schola as Callie before they were adopted, and they're as true siblings as can be found anywhere. An avid scrumball player, Ev has a reputation for being brash, argumentative and incredibly loyal. He can bench over 200 kg, and takes every opportunity to display his physical ability. Ev's fondest wish is for a wrestling match with Freya Russ.

Vivian Munev – Sophomore at Imperator High. The quirky one. Nicknamed for her large purple eyes, Violet has been the winner of the Imperator High Ascension Day Bake Contest for two years now. Her skill with cooking is only matched by her knowledge of chemicals and her incredible excitability. Violet's only goal this year is to sweep Isis in every category of the contest, having lost out to her Gyptian Rice Pudding Buns for best dish during the previous two years.

Chucho Alexis – Freshman at Imperator High. The youngest of the bunch. Chucho is a pale, withdrawn young man, but fiercely loyal to his few friends. He's fit and capable, but doesn't play sports; most people are extremely uncomfortable around the boy, so he sticks to hanging out with his small group of friends.


Selphy Talbot – Senior at Imperator High. Isis Lupercal's best friend, Selphy hails from a local noble family that operates the few legal gambling institutions in Sol System. She enjoys fine dining, boywatching and toning her arms. Selphy is third only to the Twins and Callie Lidus in gossip, and is infamous for the massive, unwieldy topknot she wears. It grows larger with each passing year.

Coby Trelan – Senior at Imperator High. An aspiring engineer with family connections, Coby does the bare minimum to get by and knows how to talk more than anything. He's dating Furia Angron.

Arthur Palucs – Junior at Imperator High. Castor to his friends, Arthur is an avid reader and has a facility for languages rare even among students of that institution. His family isn't terribly wealthy, and he had a frightening experience with a member of the Navis Nobilite during a childhood vacation.


Idiam Thar – An Arbitrator-Patrolman in lower-hive Precinct 23. Younger than he looks, Patrolman Thar has a strong sense of justice that rarely conflicts with the laws of the Imperium, and is one of the few in his district who doesn't mind putting in late hours on the job. He's recently lost his long-time partner and best friend in the line of duty, and can't stand the lackadaisical attitude of the other Arbites in his precinct.

Judge Albrecht – THE Judge of Hive Terra. Winthrop Albrecht leads Tetra's Arbites from high atop the hive, in the massive Precinct 15 courthouse. An ancient man, Albrecht nonetheless exudes life and energy. He claims it's a steady purpose that keeps him young, and refuses Rejuvenat treatments despite his age. He's received commendation after commendation over his long years, but his crowning achievement was rooting out a cult in the underhive early this year.


Bound Fate[edit]

When an overdose victim is found outside Hab School #113 the undermanned Arbites gain an unexpected ally in the search for answers, and discover a slide cartel of astonishing size and depth. On the surface above, life continues as normal for the Daughters, including shy Miranda Magnus and enraged Furia Angron. Love is found and lost, and a simple investigation into corrupt officials and Slide trafficking becomes more than Arbitrator Idiam Thar could have possibly imagined.


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