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The realm of fire, wrath, anger, passion, love and barbecue. It's pretty much what would happen if Australia, Mordor and the realms from Conan the Barbarian were mashed together, set on fire and thrown into a volcano. It is also Khornes favorite chew-toy and many of his most famous warriors originate here. Unlike the Elemental Planes of Fire, Aqshy isn't a perpetual firestorm. Just as the Realm of Beasts isn't a single, giant superbeast to crawl around in, the Realm of Fire is more a place where fire is encouraged to happen and grow. There are volcanoes and lava flows, but also scrublands, sulfurous swamps, and chaparrals (even though most publications focus on the nasty, burning aspect of Aqshy.) It is basically a rip-off from Magic the Gathering's color red, expanded into an entire dimension.


Back in ye olden days, Aqshy was the home of the dwarven god Grimnir, who went around killing monsters and engaging in grand scale terraforming via axe. Then he got himself shattered while trying to kill a burning salamander the size of a mountain. When the Age of Chaos came, Khorne wanted to secure himself the coolest, most metal realm he could find. This was surprisingly not Chamon, which got claimed by Tzeentch, but Aqshy. The next few centuries, his followers had a grand old time slapping around local tribes, sacking cities and building giant pyramids out of skulls. Unfortunately, this happy murder-party could not go on forever, as a nice gentleman called Sigmar decided to send out his shiny new toys, the Stormcast Eternals, to kick the shit out of the skull fetishists. After the initial fighting had died down somewhat, Sigmar began building new cities in the Realm of Fire, presumably to flip off Khorne.

Locations and People[edit]

Aqshy, like most realms, is pretty big and varied in population. One of the most detailed parts of it is The Great Parch, the very centre of the realm where a lot of important stuff to the setting occurred, up to and including the first counter-attack against Chaos. It contains some of the most important Cities of Sigmar in the Setting, such as Anvilgard, Hallowheart, and the Aqshy half of Hammerhal (creatively named Hammerhal Aqsha).


  • Despite being inside a realmSPHERE, most continents are at about the same level.
  • Most places are named after fire-related things (like the Brimstone Peninsula, for example), even though most of the Realm is not on fire.
  • Aqshy, more than any other realm, got devastated by the Age of Chaos, with many continents getting smashed into smaller pieces. This unfortunately made travel very hard, and subsequently made realmgates or any means of rapid transportation - especially ones that involve flying - highly prized in this realm.
  • Nurgle apparently once tried to take over Aqshy, but Skarbrand got so pissed at this, his wrath literally killed every bacteria in a thousand-mile radius.
The Nine Realms of the Age of Sigmar
Ghur Chamon
Aqshy Realm of Chaos Ghyran
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