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The realm of fire. It's pretty much what would happen if Australia, Mordor and the realms from Conan the Barbarian were mashed together, set on fire and thrown into a volcano.

Brimstone Peninsula[edit]

Flaming missiles[edit]

All shooting attacks that fire further than 12" reroll wound rolls of 1 cuz' the missiles catch fire.

Clouds of smoke & steam[edit]

No unit can see past any piece of terrain, so everything blocks line of sight now.


All WIZARDS know Fireball, basically an Arcane Bolt that instead of D3 mortal wounds does from 1 to 1D6 mortal wounds depending on unit size (only worth on units of more than 10 models).

Geyser of boiling blood[edit]

6 geysers randomly blow up throughout the battlefield doing D3 mortal wounds to anyone nearby. If you have a PRIEST of KHORNE you can add/subtract 1 to de dice to change which geyser erupt.

Burning Catacombs[edit]


Baleful Realmgates works differently here. The following rules apply instead of the normal battlescroll.

  • Massive firestorms: roll 2 dice at the start of each battle round; 7+ nothing happen, otherwise any unit in the result radius from the gate suffer D6 mortal wounds.
  • Call forth lava seraph: if in your hero phase you have a PRIEST within 6" of the gate, roll a dice; if he's within that many inches from the gate it evoke D6 lava seraph (each deal 1 mortal wound to a enemy unit within 18" from the PRIEST).

White-hot weapons[edit]

Roll 2 dice at the start of each round. If the result is an odd number both the players add +1 to all wound rolls. If you have any Firegate on the board the same roll determine if it erupt. Also you always add +1 to all wound rolls for a unit within 6" of a Firegate.

The Fyreslayers' realm[edit]

  • Home ground: if a FYRESLAYER model suffer a wound due to a massive firestorm on a 2+ you ignore the mortal wound. A FYRESLAYER general has the Undertunnels command ability (on a 4+ you can return a whipped out FYRESLAYERS unit, it appear everywhere more than 9" from the enemy).

Orb Infernia[edit]

Blessing of Dracothion, the great drake[edit]

If your general is a HERO of ORDER roll a dice and if he's also CELESTIAL you can add or subtract 1 to the result. Possible results are:

  • Scions of Dracothion: you can reroll failed hit rolls of 1 for MONSTERS attack or every failed hit rolls for CELESTIAL MONSTERS
  • Stellar alignment: roll a dice, you can reroll that amount of dices in that turn.
  • Heavenly boon: choose 3 of your units and heal D3 wounds for each (or D3+1 if it's a CELESTIAL MONSTER)
  • Power of the stars: choose one of your HEROES or MONSTER, reroll its failed charge, hit and wound rolls and add 1 to the damage of every of its weapon.
  • Celestial boon: roll a dice every time your MONSTERS suffer a wound or a mortal wound; on a 6+ (or 5+ if it is a CELESTIAL MONSTER) the wound is ignored.
  • Astral aid: set up a CELESTIAL unit more than 9" from enemy units as reinforcement.

Magical storms[edit]

If you roll the same result on the order of turn roll, every non SERAPHON unit on the field suffer a mortal wound. All CHAOS DAEMON units heal D3 wounds instead.

Sorcerer's boon[edit]

All CHAOS WIZARDS trying to evoke a CHAOS DAEMON unit add 1 to the casting roll. Additionally they know prismatic flamestorm (CV of 3, 18", #of attacks equal to casting roll, 4+ to hit, 3+ to wound, - rend, 1 damage).

Stepped in magic[edit]

For every CHAOS DAEMON or SERAPHON model, or models with the ethereal ability, that run or charge across a terrain roll a dice. On a roll of 1 it is slain. All the other units can move, charge and run across without any obstruction.

The Ashlands[edit]

Blessing of Ignax, the solar drake[edit]

Every hero phase, each player roll a dice. The possible effects are:

  • Solar flare: -1 for your unit's missile weapon hit rolls.
  • Raging heatwave: +1 to the Attacks of every melee weapon used this turn.
  • Legacy of Vulcatrix: all your MONSTERS breath fire! Choose a unit within 12", on a 4+ it suffer D3 mortal wounds. MAGMADROTH don't need to roll that dice.
  • Burning rays: roll a dice for every non HEROES unit on the field, on a roll of 1 it suffer D3 mortal wounds.
  • Ash storms: ranges of weapons, spells and ability are limited to a maximum of 8".
  • Blazing vista: choose D3 terrains on the field; every model within 3" on a roll of 1 suffer a mortal wound.

Apocalyptic rage[edit]

If you roll the same result on the order of turn roll, for this round all the units within 12" of enemy units must attempt a charge. If Skarbrand is on the field both players must reroll any failed charge roll.

Burning skies[edit]

Flying units that move more than 10" suffer a mortal wound for every model. All the WIZARDS also know meteoric conflagration (CV of 7, choose a model on the battlefield and every unit within 3" on a 3+ suffer D3 mortal wounds)

The pyroclasm[edit]

Choose to appease or defy it.

  • If appease choose one of your unit, it suffer D6 mortal wounds, then on 2+ (or automatically if you have chosen a HERO) nothing happen. Otherwise you suffer an additional mortal wound on every of your unit.
  • If defy on a roll of 6 nothing happen, otherwise you suffer a mortal wound on every of your unit.
The Nine Realms of the Age of Sigmar
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