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The realm of fire. It's pretty much what would happen if Australia, Mordor and the realms from Conan the Barbarian were mashed together, set on fire and thrown into a volcano. Unlike the Elemental Planes of Fire, Aqshy isn't a perpetual firestorm. Just as the Realm of Beasts isn't a single, giant superbeast to crawl around in, the Realm of Fire is more a place where fire is encouraged to happen and grow. There are volcanoes and lava flows, but also scrublands, sulfurous swamps, and chaparrals. The realm also attracts emotions such as passion, fervor, and all the Red-Mana concepts from Magic the Gathering.

The Nine Realms of the Age of Sigmar
Ghur Chamon
Aqshy Realm of Chaos Ghyran
Shyish Azyr