Aquilon Terminator

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Time to lube up Heretics! The pain won't be over soon!

Aquilon Terminators are the mainstay Custodian Terminators of the Bananas in Pajamas THE MOST LOYAL GUARDS OF HIS MOST PIOUS MAJESTY (please stop shouting like one of those treacherous lion-fuckers NOBLE AND PROUD YET HUMBLE SERVANTS OF THE EMPEROR)! As you might expect, these guys are decked with weaponry and armour far, far superior than most vanilla Terminators of the Space Marines. Their Aquilon Terminator Armour is based on Cataphractii Terminator Armour that has been 'redesigned' by the mind of the Emperor Himself for his elite forces to strike in critical locations that not even the Custodian Guard will find warm and fuzzy. Thus the Aquilon Terminators usually bust through the walls of enemy fortifications like a golden Kool Aid Man and proceed to ravage the ass of those Heretical Chaos Faggots.

Aquilon Terminators come equipped with a standard issue Lastrum Storm Bolter which can already turn heavily armoured infantry into mulch, but can be replaced by the following; Solarite Gauntlet, Solarite Talons, Adrathic Destructor and a Infernus Firepike.

Aquilo was the name of the Latin god of the northern winds. The direct relationship with the word aquila is no coincidence, because FW really needs to remind us how Big-E and his golden boys are fond of eagle stuff everywhere.

They Are Humungous Terminator Daddies

On the Tabletop[edit]

Like how the Custodian Guard are murdermachines disguised as normal baseline troops, Aquilon Terminators are a walking pain train without brakes. Aquilon-pattern Terminator Armour is 2+ / 4++ and has Hammer of Wrath. Models in this armour can fire Heavy and Salvo weapons, counting as stationary, even if they moved in the movement phase. They may also charge after firing Rapid Fire, Heavy or Salvo weapons. They can't Run, but they can make Sweeping Advances and fire Overwatch. That's some pretty decent armour right there.

Weapon wise, standard armament is a Lastrum Storm Bolter (24", S:5 AP:4 Assault 2, Heliothermic Detonation) and a Solarite Gauntlet (S:x2 AP:1, Master Crafted, Unwieldy). Solarite Gauntlet can go to a Solarite Talons (S:+2, AP:3, Shred, Master Crafted). Storm Bolter can be swapped for TL Adrathic Destructor (12", S:5, AP:2, Assault 1, Instant Death, Armourbane, Gets Hot) or a Infernus Firepike (Template, S:6, AP:6, Heavy 1, Torrent) Oh, by the way, Heliothermic Detonation on the Lastrum: if a model takes an unsaved wound and is not killed must take an immediate Toughness test or suffer Instant Death. Vehicles that suffer a Penetrating Hit add 1 to the result on the damage table.

Teleportation Transponders just grant Deep Strike (nice to have on the cheap). Arae-Shrikes are a bit different and have two effects. Enemy models attempting to Deep Strike within 12" must roll a D6 before they determine the result of the Deep Strike - on a 4+ they suffer a Mishap (and this happens for all models, even those that can't Mishap). Plus any unit with a model with a Arae-Shrike targeted by a Barrage weapon, the attacking player must add another D6 to their scatter roll and pick the highest two results. A Hit remains a Hit however.


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