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When you wanna cosplay as Doc Ock so bad.

The Arachni-rig is for all intents and purposes, the lovechild between Doc Ock's armoured limbs and FEAR's REV9 Powered Armour. Basically a heavily modified and more advanced version of the civilian Servo-rigs, these discount Battlesuits are created by Necromunda's House Van Saar.


By itself, a Servo-rig is a mechanical exoskeleton commonly seen in heavy industry, giving their users extra limbs and enhanced strength to aid them in performing manual tasks. So one can imagine if someone used this as a weapon of war. The Arachni-rig is, therefore, the end result of House Van Saar collectively slapping their dicks and tits on a Servo-rig 'till it resembles something like Cyberpunk 2020.

Each rig is an artisan piece and are controlled by the wearer's nervous system or via a direct MIU. They are armed with a twin-linked heavy Lascarbine and four Servo Claws (Which can be swapped with either a Rad Cannon or a Plasma Gun), which give the Arachni-rigs' wearer a spider-like appearance and each one can be replaced with various weapons. Though it is an advanced piece of machinery, it is not uncommon for Van Saar's gangs to wear an Arachni-rig in their battles within the Underhive, you know, just in case you want to silently shout to everyone of your micropenis issue.


On Necromunda, this goddamned FEAR mechsuit monster has greater Toughness and Movement than your regular champion, three wounds, and Light Carapace armor for a 4+ save (with the option to upgrade to Heavy for a 3+ in the front arc). This thing is tough as nails. It doesn’t have any way of mitigating pinning, but it’ll stand up after blows that would have reduced anything else to cinders, time and time again.

Whilst the Lascarbine might appear kind of underwhelming at first. Twin-Linking it allows the Rig to pump up its potential dakka (and provides a defense against permanent Rapid Fire jams) as it blasts away with up to nine Strength 4 shots. If you do decide to also toss on a Rad Gun and/or Plasma Gun, you’ll be able to shoot with one of these or twice with the same while stationary, thanks to a built-in version of Fast Shot that the Arachni-Rig also employs. Both of these weapons are considerably cheaper while Rig-mounted, but Plasma is not particularly recommended thanks to a far lower BS.

If you want to RIP AND TEAR, you can with this rig, as you can fucking bullrush the poor bastard at up to 11" away, before ripping the target's poor asshole apart with 5 attacks, each at Strength 5.


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