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"I'm glad Araloth ain't here to see me use these worthless arrows."

Kerillian, about to use some garbage mayfly made arrow.
Every wood elves elves everyone every non-dwarf wish they were as big of a winner as Araloth

Araloth, Lord of Talsyn, is a special character for the Wood Elves introduced in their 8th edition army book.

He used to be a whiny bitch, and was such a coward that he spent all his time only hunting things that couldn't actually hurt him back, with similar wastrel Asrai lordlings and his favorite hawk, Skaryn. One day, he and Skaryn got lost deep in the wilderness, where they saw a Keeper of Secrets attacking an elf maiden. Filled with a level of rage and courage he had never felt before, he charged to the maiden's defense, and with luck (and Skaryn's help) he managed to slay the Daemon.

The maiden revealed herself to be Lileath, goddess of fate and prophecy, and she revealed Araloth was to be a great hero, one of three final gifts she would offer to the elfin race. The second, she said, would be Araloth's firstborn daughter, a savior who would bring hope when it's most needed. The third gift, she would reveal in time.

Since that time, Araloth has been a fearless hero, beloved by his people, but always looking to meet his goddess again. Try to imagine a Wood Elf version of Tyrion, but without the swordsmanship and Khaine's bloodlust.

The End Times[edit]

With the release of the Khaine book for The End Times, Araloth's connection to Lileath and her final gifts is made clear. Araloth assists Lileath in various plots and schemes that ultimately see Ulthuan destroyed and many elfin characters killed, but the elf race united as one. At one point, he even ventures into the Realm of Chaos to the Mansion of Nurgle, where he rescues the goddess Shallya. Finally, Lileath reveals to Araloth that this is Rhana Dandra, and the truth of her second and third gifts. She is the mother of Araloth's daughter, the saviour she spoke of as her second gift. And her third gift? Opening a portal and sending Araloth and their daughter through, there to find a new, virginal world and fill it with life as the new Asuryan, even as Chaos finishes devouring the old world.

Unfortunately for Lileath, when Duke Jerrod of Bretonnia confronts her, no doubt pissed off after learning that the god his people were serving turned out to be a two-faced manipulative bitch, the daemon prince Be'lakor eavesdrops and learns about Lileath's safe-haven. As a result, the Chaos gods destroy it before Araloth has a chance to make anything out of it, most likely killing both Araloth and his daughter as well in the process.

This might sound like a tragic hero story unless you think about it from a different perspective. He literary had a child from a beautiful goddess of his own kind, the experience of meeting Lileath has made a great positive change on his life which not only improves him and even made everyone loves him, he rescued a goddess from chaos realm (which is a seemly impossible feat to everyone except deity being like Gimnir or beings like Oxyotl. Malekith is one of the other elf who survive the chaos realm, but barely.) and he was even chosen to become the chief god of the new world just like Asuryan before him. Sure he got killed and all that, but the fact he gets to experience all this greatness has made it all the more worth it and he might be the biggest winner in the Warhammer world! Besides, Lileath merely stated that she lost connection with the new world and she immediately presumed that the chaos gods has destroyed it. Chances are that only the connection were cut but the world still lives, meaning Araloth may yet still be alive! (Just a very small chance, but still. Maybe the new world was behind that gate Gotrek shut off in that one adventure.)

On the Tabletop[edit]

8th ed special characters have a reputation for being overpriced compared to their basic counterparts, and Araloth is no exception. Costing 260 points (a Glade Lord only costs 145), he's basically a Glade Lord with +1 WS and +1 Attack who is only infantry, sporting an asrai spear, hand weapon and shield. He has the universal rules of Always Strikes First and Stubborn, the Wood Elf rule of Forest Stalker, and three custom special rules:

Boldest of the Bold means he replaces being Stubborn with being Unbreakable when he's not part of a unit.

Favor of the Goddess gives him a 4+ Ward Save.

Skaryn the Eye Thief lets him nominate a single enemy model within 18" and inflict a single S4 hit. Plus, if this wounds successfully on a 6, the model takes a one off (but permanent) -5 penalty to WS and I.