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Pathfinder 2nd[edit]

Renamed to Eldritch Archer, this is an archetype that any class can take. Instead of applying poison to your arrows to deal more damage, why not use magic? Just speccing into the dedication (at level 6 because taking this dedication at level 2 would be even more busted) gives you this bonkers ability:

  • Eldritch Shot
    • Three actions
    • Requirement You are using a bow.
    • Effect You Cast a Spell that takes 1 or 2 actions to cast and requires a spell attack roll. The effects of the spell do not occur immediately but are imbued into the bow you're wielding. Make a Strike with that bow. Your spell flies with the ammunition, using your attack roll result to determine the effects of both the Strike and the spell. This counts as two attacks for your multiple attack penalty, but you don't apply the penalty until after you've completed both attacks.

And when you consider that you can upcast(heighten) cantrips, this means that you can use a shocking grasp at +2 or more to deal at least 2d12 lighting. Even if you multiclass into this from a non-casting class, you get some cantrips and basic proficiency in any one spell list, which can help out, though only spells that need to roll to hit can be cast through an arrow.

Some other feats that you get include:

  • Basic Eldritch Archer Spellcasting, Level 8 Feat
    • You gain the basic spellcasting benefits. Each time you gain a spell slot of a new level from this archetype, add a spell of the appropriate spell level to your repertoire, either a common spell of your chosen tradition or another spell of that tradition you have learned or discovered.
  • Enchanting Arrow, Level 8 Feat
    • Two Actions
    • With a single whisper carried on the wind, you enchant your ammunition to make a foe more vulnerable to your attacks. Make a bow Strike. On a hit, the target takes an additional 2d6 mental damage. On a critical hit, the target also becomes stunned 1. The mental damage increases to 3d6 if your bow has a greater striking rune, or to 4d6 if your bow has a major striking rune.
  • Magic Arrow, Level 8 Feat
    • Free Action, once per round
    • You imbue your ammunition with eldritch power. When you select this feat, choose three types of common magical ammunition of 4th level or lower from the Core Rulebook or this book. Your GM might allow you to choose from other types of magical ammunition, such as uncommon ammunition, or ammunition from other books.
    • When using Magic Arrow, you transform a non-magical arrow or bolt into a piece of ammunition of one type you chose. You must shoot the ammunition before the end of your turn or the magic dissipates. If the ammunition has an Activate entry, you still need to spend the required actions to activate the ammunition before shooting it. When you use Magic Arrow, you can choose a type of magical ammunition that is typically not available to the type of ammunition you're using—for example, you can use climbing bolt on an arrow, even though that magical ammunition is normally only found on bolts.
  • Precious Arrow, Level 8 Feat
    • One Action
    • You enchant a piece of ammunition with the magical essence of a precious material, allowing you to leverage certain creatures' weaknesses. Choose cold iron or silver; if you shoot the arrow before the end of your turn, it counts as that material. At 14th level, add adamantine to the list of materials you can choose from.
  • Arrow of Death, Level 18 Feat
    • Three Actions, once per day
    • You modify an arrow or bolt to bring death to your target in a single potent hit. Make a bow Strike. On a hit, you deal an additional 10d10 precision damage. On a critical hit, the target must also succeed at a Fortitude saving throw against your class DC or spell DC, whichever is higher, or be immediately slain; this save has the death and incapacitation traits.

And there are even more feats that you can obtain. This archetype is almost like its own class, given how you get so many feats from it.

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