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Archangels are a bigger, stronger form of angel and usually their direct commanders, though they do themselves often tend to serve various gods as trusted, high-level servants. They are essentially the goodly equivalent of Demon Princes and Archdevils.


In Dungeons & Dragons, there are several groups of exalted celestial paragon who are functionally archangels, even if the name itself is never used in D&D canon - they tend to prefer the term "Celestial Paragons". The most recent description of all of these can be found in the splatbook Book of Exalted Deeds for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, where they are divided into several sub-groups.

The Celestial Hebdomad is a collective of seven Archons who serve the cause of righteousness from their home on Celestia - these are the closest of the Paragons to "traditional" archangels.

  • Barachiel, the messenger: Ruler of Lunia and coordinator of Celestia's defenses should it be attacked.
  • Domiel, the Mercy-Bringer: Ruler of Mercuria.
  • Erathaol, the Seer: Ruler of Venya and patron of seers and prophets.
  • Pistis Sophia, the Ascetic: Ruler of Solania.
  • Raziel, the Crusader: Ruler of Mertion and patron of paladins.
  • Sealtiel, the Defender: Ruler of Jovar, charged with preventing incursions into Chronias and defending against the machinations of fiends. Patron of warden archons.
  • Zaphkiel, the Watcher: Ruler of Chronias and leader of the Hebdomad. Only gods and the Hebdomad have seen him without either perishing or being absorbed into the essence of the mountain.

The Six Companions (technically Talisid and the Five Companions) are the leaders of the Guardinal races.

  • Talisid, the Celestial Lion: Leader of the companions for several millenia, most powerful of the leonals.
  • Sathia, the Sky Duchess: Representative of the avorals and patron of sculptors and painters.
  • Manath, the Horned Duke: Representative of the cervidals and newest member of the Companions.
  • Vhara, Duchess of the Fields: Representative of the equinals.
  • Kharash, the Stalker: Paragon of lupinals and Talisid's best friend.
  • Bharrai, the Great Bear: Matriarch of the ursinals and teacher of magic.

The Court of Stars is the smallest of the archangel groups, and represents the three leaders of the Eladrin race in the Great Wheel cosmology:

  • Morwel: Queen of the Eladrin
  • Faerinaal, The Queen's Consort: Master politician and shrewd judge of character. Tasked with defending the Court of Stars and rescuing captured eladrins as well as providing company and counsel to the queen.
  • Gwynharwyf, The Whirling Fury: Patron of barbarians, when not leading good-aligned barbarian hordes against evil she also acts as consort to the queen.
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In Pathfinder, there are a profusion of archangels collectively known as Empyreal Lords; the most powerful members of the various angelic races of Golarion cosmology, the Empyreals are demigods in their own right, and worshipped as lesser deities by the righteous. They are covered extensively in a sourcebook called "Chronicle of the Righteous".