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Archangels are a bigger, stronger form of angel and usually their direct commanders, though they do themselves often tend to serve various gods as trusted, high-level servants. They are essentially the goodly equivalent of Demon Princes and Archdevils.


In Dungeons & Dragons, there are several groups of exalted celestial paragon who are functionally archangels, even if the name itself is never used in D&D canon - they tend to prefer the term "Celestial Paragons". The most recent description of all of these can be found in the splatbook Book of Exalted Deeds for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, where they are divided into several sub-groups.

The Celestial Hebdomad is a collective of seven lordly Archons who serve the cause of righteousness from their home on Celestia - these are the closest of the Paragons to "traditional" archangels.

  • Barachiel, the messenger: Ruler of Lunia and coordinator of Celestia's defenses should it be attacked.
  • Domiel, the Mercy-Bringer: Ruler of Mercuria.
  • Erathaol, the Seer: Ruler of Venya and patron of seers and prophets.
  • Pistis Sophia, the Ascetic: Ruler of Solania.
  • Raziel, the Crusader: Ruler of Mertion and patron of paladins.
  • Sealtiel, the Defender: Ruler of Jovar, charged with preventing incursions into Chronias and defending against the machinations of fiends. Patron of warden archons.
  • Zaphkiel, the Watcher: Ruler of Chronias and leader of the Hebdomad. Only gods and the Hebdomad have seen him without either perishing or being absorbed into the essence of the mountain.

The Six Companions (technically Talisid and the Five Companions) are the leaders of the Guardinal races.

  • Talisid, the Celestial Lion: Leader of the companions for several millenia, most powerful of the leonals.
  • Sathia, the Sky Duchess: Representative of the avorals and patron of sculptors and painters.
  • Manath, the Horned Duke: Representative of the cervidals and newest member of the Companions.
  • Vhara, Duchess of the Fields: Representative of the equinals.
  • Kharash, the Stalker: Paragon of lupinals and Talisid's best friend.
  • Bharrai, the Great Bear: Matriarch of the ursinals and teacher of magic.

The Court of Stars is the smallest of the archangel groups, and represents the three leaders of the Eladrin race in the Great Wheel cosmology:

  • Morwel: Queen of the Eladrin
  • Faerinaal, The Queen's Consort: Master politician and shrewd judge of character. Tasked with defending the Court of Stars and rescuing captured eladrins as well as providing company and counsel to the queen.
  • Gwynharwyf, The Whirling Fury: Patron of barbarians, when not leading good-aligned barbarian hordes against evil she also acts as consort to the queen.

At the pinnacle of the Aasimon races sit the Solars, which are rumoured to only number 24. While most of them haven't been named in official sources, some of them are reputed to serve good deities, have been corrupted, or simply vibe:

  • Eco: Guards the prison of Desayeus in Pandemonium.
  • Felarathael: One of the twin messengers of Corellon Larethian. They're the rational one.
  • Gabriel: A servitor of Bahamut, he got captured and tortured by the forces of Orcus until he was freed by adventurers.
  • Lashrael: The other messenger of Corellon. They're the emotional one.
  • Malkizid, the Fallen: A former servant of Corellon who got the boot after assisting in Lolth's betrayal, probably because he had hella solars lying around and decided it was spring cleaning time. He just kind of bounces between fiendish factions in the lower planes.
  • Viryn: In service to Tyr.
  • Zariel: A fallen solar who serves as the archduke of avernus, the first hell of Baator.
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In Pathfinder, there are a profusion of archangels collectively known as Empyreal Lords; the most powerful members of the various angelic races of Golarion cosmology, the Empyreals are demigods in their own right, and worshipped as lesser deities by the righteous. They are covered extensively in a sourcebook called "Chronicle of the Righteous". The complete list of Empyreal Lords consists of:

Name Title Celestial Type
Aizen Myo-o The Red Wisdom Azata
Andoletta Grandmother Crow Archon
Arqueros The Golden Bulwark Archon
Arshea Spirit of Abandon Angel
Ashava True Spark Azata
Asteria Of the Endless Order Archon
Atonga Of Sea and Songs Azata
Benorus Angel of Lightless Chambers Angel
Bharnarol The Tempered Inventor Agathion
Black Butterfly The Silence Between Azata
Cernunnos The Stag Lord Azata
Chadali The Serendipitous Path Azata
Chavod Agathion
Chucaro Maiden of Haze and Whimsy Azata
Cocidius Hawk-Keeper Archon
Connla The Wolfhound's Son Azata
Dalenydra The Blessed Attendant Angel
Damerrich The Weighted Swing Archon
Duellona The Warrior Maiden Archon
Eldas The Abiding Spire Archon
Eritrice Heart-Speaker Agathion
Erlang Shen The All-Seeing Archon
Falayna Warrior's Ring Archon
The Forgotten Free Even from Memory Azata
Ghenshau Breezes-Still-and-Ripples-Cease Archon
Halcamora Lady of Ripe Bounty Agathion
Hembad Wise Grandfather Azata
Hors The Freezing Sun Archon
Ibeji The Twins Azata
Immonhiel Balm-Bringer Angel
Inanna Princess of the Sky Archon
Irez Lady of Inscribed Wonder Agathion
Itzamna Who Watches from Clouds Azata
Jaidz Fearless Claw Agathion
Jalaijatali Rillsong Azata
Jegudiel Unknown
Kelinahat She of Ebon Wings Archon
Keltheald The Sunset Spires Angel
Kelumarion The King Over the Mountain Agathion
Korada The Open Hand of Harmony Agathion
Kroina Lady All-Sight Archon
Lada Lady of Dance Azata
Lalaci He of Motley Repose Azata
Lorris The Savior Hound Agathion
Lugus The Three-Faced Archon
Lymnieris The Auroral Tower Angel
Lythertida The Voiceless Tragedy Agathion
Maahes The Guardian Beast Azata
Marishi The Festival Queen Azata
Mazludeh Mother of Hearth and Wall Unknown
Melek Taus Peacock Angel Unknown
Muyingwa The Seed Thrower Azata
Neshen The Knight of the Steel Lash Angel
Ogma The Champion Azata
Ogoun Of Fire and Iron Archon
Olheon The Just Arbiter Archon
Ondisso The Stalwart Stair Agathion
Oro The Flame in the Sky Archon
Picoperi Merrgleam Azata
Pulura The Shimmering Maiden Angel
Qetesh The Sacred Lover Azata
Radigost Bringer of Boons Archon
Ragathiel General of Vengeance Angel
Reymenda Lady of the Martyred Womb Azata
Rowdrosh The Divine Herdsman Agathion
Sandalphon Unknown
Sarenrae The Dawnflower Angel
Seramaydiel Lady of Inspired Notes Angel
Sheave The Orphan Lord Archon
Shei The Ibis Matron Agathion
Shei Five Dawns Oracle of Sinashakti Unknown
Shemhazai Empyreal Lord of Vision Angel
Sinashakti Immaculate Joy Azata
Sixlife The Violet Fury Agathion
Smiad The Pitiless Dragonslayer Archon
Soralyon The Mystic Angel Angel
Svarozic The Face of Flame Archon
Tahmineh The Wounded Mother Archon
Tanagaar The Aurulent Eye Archon
Tanit Guardian of Life Archon
Lady Taramyth The Singing Flame Agathion
Thisamet The Blithe Spirit Azata
Tolc Snow-Strider Angel
Tsukuyomi Prince of the Moon Azata
Uriel Unknown
Uskyeria The Saintly Slumberer Agathion
Valani Fireshaker Azata
Vikramaditya Wise and Valorous King Azata
Vildeis The Cardinal Martyr Angel
Walks with Golden Stars Agathion
Winlas The Elder of Divinity Archon
Ylimancha Harborwing Agathion
Zohls Verity Archon
The Empyreal Lord of Golarion
Archon Angel Azata Agathion Unknown
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