Argent Strix

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Argent Strix
Strix Symbol2.png
Battle Cry "Choke the enemy with our hate!" "Scour the stars, let the galaxy burn!" "You shall burn, even if we be the kindling!"
Founding 37th Millennium
Successors of Chimeric: Ultramarines & Blood Angels
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Cypriane Ludovico
Primarch Roboute Guilliman & Sanguinius
Homeworld Orichalcum, Koschei System
Strength ~1,000 Marines
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Pallid Wych Flesh, Eshin Grey, Abbadon Black, Khorne Red, Gold.


– Unknown Marine of the Argent Stix

Another Emperor-damned rolled up chapter by /tg/. What do they cook up this time? Well, frankly, it looks like the misbegotten smurf bastard child of the Flesh Tearers and Black Templars and raised by the Mortificators living on a planet making more guns than a good chunk of Forge Worlds.



Founded in the 37the Millennium, many believe that the groundwork for what would become the Argent Strix actually began back in the Cursed Founding. Most likely a Mechanicus experiment to see if the Blood Angels rage and thirst could be tempered and suppressed by mixing it with that of another Chapter. Notably, in this case, that of the Ultramarines makes up roughly eighty to ninety percent of gene-seed organs origin. The two confirmed to be of Blood Angel origin being the Omophagea and Catalepsean Node. The experiment seemed to be a success with no manifestation of the Red Thirst or Black Rage, with the minor side-effect of a strange skin mutation and increased aggression. However, after Chief Apothecary Fuhor's confrontation with the Daemon Prince, Malfarum Illdactus, a phenomenon similar to the Red Thirst seems to have manifest in the marines.

A group of Strix Battle-Brothers.


"Look upon the Abhuman brother. Look upon the Ratling and Squat with their stunted height, look upon the bulk and small mind of the Ogryn, look upon the Beastman and his unsightly form. Know pity but not hate. For we too know the price of taint, to lose his blessing even if only for a moment. But we also know that such malformities can be used to serve him all the better. Do not lash at him for his curse. But instead teach him to serve the Emperor, as you do."

– Unnamed Chaplain of the Argent Strix

This chapter suffers from, seemingly, two mutations. The first is that with age the texture, toughness, and color of their veins and skin change. Over time his skin will harden to smooth stony texture, the skin will continue to pale until becoming completely white and gaining an almost reflective quality. Finally, the veins in the area will blacken. Ultimately the final appearance is somewhat similar to that of marble, give the 'elderly' marine an appearance of an ancient statue in some regards.

The second mutation occurred later, after the Chapter's founding, sometime during or after the confrontation between Chief Apothecary Fuhor and Malfarum Illdactus. The previously inactive Omophagea of the Strix has since become hyper-stimulated causing brothers of the chapter to randomly burst into feeding frenzies driven by an intense hunger for flesh and blood. Typically members of the chapter seek to combat this through ritualization to help teach them control, though it can not always be avoided.


The Argent Strix calls the World of Vetus Sanguine their home, acting both as a Hive World and Armoury. It is a mighty world, nearly five times the size of that of Holy Terra, but mostly hollow leading a gravity only slightly stronger than standard. The Hives of the world themselves are by the common standard of the Imperium advanced.

Most of the population lives inside the massive, heavily fortified, walls of the Hives for several reasons. The most obvious being that there is no water on the planet, the other is that the heat is unbearable. Lastly many factorums and much planet's massive defense forces use the areas outside the hive as a testing ground for weapons and missiles. Still, this does not stop petty bandit lords from trying to pop up in the waste, fighting over what little water their mills can produce. (will likely be expanded with its own page)

Chapter Structure[edit]

While the Chapter is adherent to the Codex Astartes, leading them to have a typically uniform organization, they do have one major difference to most Chapters. This change was brought about by the legendary battle-brother Fuhor, when he died heroically after a fierce battle with the Khornate Daemon Prince, Malfarum Illdactus.

The Apothecarion and the Chapter Command were merged into one. This means that the Chapter Master and Chief Apothecary of the Chapter are one and the same.

This practice has also led to the Captains of the Argent Strix to also train to become Apothecaries if they are not already one. The status of the Apothecary in the Argent Strix is outranked only by the Chief Apothecary himself.

Members of Note[edit]

Chief Apothecary Fuhor[edit]

The most famed member of the Chapter. By banishing the Khornate Daemon Prince, Malfarum Illdactus, Apothecary Fuhor forever immortalized himself as a hero of the chapter. Causing a Warband to break, seeing many traditions the Chapter follows set in place and being responsible for the creation of several relics of great importance. His armor is considered a sacred relic to this day and his Narthecium is considered much the same while being wielded by the acting Chapter Master.

Chapter Master and Chief Apothecary Cypriane Ludovico[edit]

Current acting Chapter Master. Cypriane Ludovico of the Argent Strix chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Imperial Lord of the Vetus system by decree of the High Council of Terra. Scourge of Chaos, by his banishment of a Greater Daemon of Chaos and the cleansing of a daemonic incursion. Honoured as the Guardian of Vetus Sanguine by Chapter Master of the Ultramarines for his dedication to the preservation and protection of Imperial Munitions and Citizenry.

Master of Santicity Talionus Luthor[edit]

"I teach all my kin the value of a righteous mind and stalwart heart, fueled by vengeance, overseen by the Emperor's wrath. But let it also be known that a good windup on your swing never hurts."

– Talionus Luthor, on how to fight the enemies of man.

Talionus Luthor, the Chapter's noble Master of Santicity, a who holds a prized and coveted role among the most pious and a respected title among the least. He is if the chapter to be believed the oldest living current marine, though the eventual turn of ancient brothers to statues cast some doubt on this. His true age is lost to the annals of time, even he cannot recall. All that's known for certain is that he's over one thousand and five hundred years old, at least. With this advancing age, he's become perhaps a relic of the chapter in his own way, a living reliquary of the chapter's history. He's spent less time on the battlefield after losing his hand to an Ork Warboss several centuries ago.

Perhaps in part to his advancing age, most of his body looking like a due to his pale skin and black veins, or merely the Chapter's attachment to someone who has taught many of them. They tend to place him away from the battle, leaving him to guard their home while out on campaigns. As much as it irks him he'd be lying if he said he didn't have anything to do, between his mentoring new chaplains, regaling the Chapter's history, and shedding his armor to walk among the people like a living statue. Gracing them with the presence of an angel of the Emperor, while he lectures them in the ways of he who stands above all others.

Though steering one away from the battle to die a glorious death, crushing as many enemies as possible in a final charge, is not normally how the Argent Strix operates. Much of the Chapter would be lost without this mentor figure who seems to have stood since time immemorial.

But when he has no choice but to take to the field, there is one thing that's certain. He's still got it.

Chief Librarian Veristus Aethor[edit]

Responsible not only for his standard duties expected of him, but also for keeping the warp-taint at bay while his brothers indulge in their blood rituals, a necessity to stave off the madness the Argent Strix suffer from.

Veristus is an ancient battle-brother, witness to centuries worth of the Chapter's history. But he was not always a member of the Librarius. No, Veristus began his journey as an Astartes like the rest of his brothers but his path as a Librarian came during one fateful battle during the Chapter's infancy.

His claim to fame is becoming the first librarian of the Chapter, and purging an entire world of heretic cultists, heretic astartes, and their daemonic pets while realising his power as a psyker.


Heart of Illdactus[edit]

The still-beating heart of the Khornate Daemon Prince, banished by Fuhor, remains in their possession. Held as a relic by the chapter the heart is used for its constant supply of blood in many of the Chapter's rituals, most notably the final test of Aspirants where they must drink deeply of its blood and overcome its Daemonic taint.

Armor of the Endurant[edit]

A set of what was once Mk.V Power Armor that over the years has been worked on by the Techmarines of the chapter transforming it into a master-crafted set of Artificer armor. Why this armor was tended to with such care by the chapter is perhaps its tale. While the exact details, such as the name of the one who once wore it, have been lost. The tale itself has not. Bearing quite a few similarities to the legend of Fuhor. For once the brother who wielded this armor stood alone against dark forces, last surviving member of his squad but unyielding. He fought on till the battle was won, succumbing to his wounds after the battle, his blood forever staining the interior of the armor.

Now the armor's machine spirit blazes with brilliance driving its wearer to the front of the battle, heraldry seeming to blaze to life in the light, amplifying the voice of that who wears it. This unique set of armor has pieces from the most advanced and strongest of marks, its systems finetuned to an unprecedented level. Some brothers amongst the chapter whisper that this armor may even be comparable to that of something from the Dark Age of Technology.

Armor of the Unbreaking[edit]

The Armor of the Unbreaking in its glory.

A pristine set of Mk.IV Maximus Power Armor believed to date back as far as the Great Crusade, alone enough to make it a prized relic of the chapter. However, it's its story that helped to endear it to the chapter. As the Strix are so fond of, this power armor was once worn by a brave marine who faced many daunting enemies after his comrades were slain. Only for him to perish a short while later. His body was interred, his gene-seed collected to sire new sons of the chapter, and armor removed.

Those who took his armor repaired it into a work of death and unyielding destruction. It's plating and systems reinforced tenfold, weaknesses purged. Never again would a brother be lost, he would wield armor unbreaking. To top it off it seemed part of his will lives on through the machine spirit of the armor. The spirit seems driven with a baleful vengeance against the enemies of man. Those who've worn the armor in the past claim that the spirit guides their blows, picking out the weaknesses in enemy armor and optimizing their movements for quick and righteous strikes.


Confrontation of Chief Apothecary Fuhor and the Khornate Daemon Prince Malfarum Illdactus

Awakening of Veristus Aethor


That Rolled Crunch[edit]

Reason for Founding
Strategic Prognostication.
37th Millennium.
Gene-seed Purity
A New Generation
Chapter Demeanour
No Mercy, No Respite. Cleanse and Purify.
Hyper-stimulated Omophagea - Eat the enemy! Also Marble skin.
Chapter's Flaw
Chapter Cult. Stand Alone.
Figure of Legend
Chief Apothecary Fuhor.
Deeds of Legend
The individual was a stalwart enemy of the servants of Chaos, and slew a Daemon Prince.
Chapter homeworld
Hive World.
Homeworld Terrain
Rule of homeworld
Distant Rule.
Chapter Organization
Combat doctrine
Close Combat.
Characteristic Chapter Training
The Perfect Soldiers: These soldiers are shaped in the Emperor's image. Unshakable beings of might forged in a fire unmatched. They will know only death and that is all they shall deal.
Chapters' beliefs
Totem Creature.
Chapter Allies
Chapter Enemies
Everyone that's not the Imperium, but especially Chaos.

On the Tabletop[edit]

If you're planning on running an Argent Strix army, then it is recommended you select them to be either a Blood Angels or Ultramarines Successor Chapter (most likely Blood Angels) and give them the Hungry for Battle and Whirlwind of Rage Chapter Tactics. A few things to note about the chapter are:

Avoid Captains
The Argent Strix are known to place the mantle of Captain and Apothecary upon the same marine.
Avoid Dreadnoughts
It is better to die in battle than to live in suffering, interred within a walking coffin.
More Choppy, Less Shooty
While it is perfectly acceptable to gun down your opponent the unending hunger the Argent Strix suffer from, which drives them to rip and tear their opponents apart and devour their flesh, brings the Argent Strix to prefer close combat.
Only a Coward Hides
The Argent Strix throw all pretense aside, sneaking is for the spineless. Let the enemy see their doom as it charges towards them with righteous fury.

Additional Deathwatch goodness[edit]

Characteristic Modifiers
+5 Willpower, +5 Weapon Skill.
Unending Hunger(Use as Blood Angels Red Thirst).
Solo Mode Abilities
Carnage(See Carcharodons in Honour the Chapter).
Squad Attack Patterns
Storm of Hell(Rites of Battle).
Squad Defense Patterns
Only in Death...(Rites of Battle).
Chapter Advance Table



Acrobatics +10|600|Skill|Acrobatics

Acrobatics +20|600|Skill|Acrobatics +10

Scourge of Heretics|500|Talent|N/A

Battle Rage|400|Talent|N/A

Beserk Charge|600|Talent|N/A

Flesh Render|500|Talent|N/A

Furious Assault|600|Talent|WS 35


Mental Rage|800|Talent|Frenzy




Slayer of Demons|1,000|Talent|N/A

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