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The Arianius Divided Regiments are yet another product of fa/tg/uys messing with the Imperial Guard version Deathwatch Chapter creation tables. As the name implies, they come from Arianus, and are divided.


The Regiments are divided based on gender according to local traditions, prescribing a ban on contact between unrelated or unmarried persons of opposite gender, and prohibiting contact between females, with the even numbered Male Regiments being more focused on close combat, while the odd numbered female regiments focus on ranged and mechanized warfare. The Regiments have close ties to the Schola Progenium, and the Sisters of Battle, and are often the first assignment for a young Commissar or Stormtrooper unit.

Known Regiments[edit]

  • 27th Arianius Infantry Regiment - The First regiment of the thread, and what started this off. All Female.
  • 28th Arianius Infantry Regiment - The 27th's All-Male Brother Regiment.

About Arianius[edit]

Arianius itself is a Desert Hive World, and home to a Schola Progenium, and a Shrine. In the past, it has had more than a few scrapes with Chaos, including the near-total destruction of the planet's biosphere, and the destruction of a hive by the Cult of the Pestilent Hand, and the destruction of another Hive by a Fighting Champion cum cultist of Khorne. Aside from a meager few falling to chaos, the people of Arianius have remained resolute in their faith, and continue to hold the line. As result of the destruction of the two hives, the tithe rates are much harsher than they ideally should be.


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Glorious First Writefaggotry[edit]

It seemed like it had been months since their deployment to the bulwarks around the ruins of Hive Quintillius. Even now, hundreds of years after the Nurglite incursion, the abandoned and decaying hive city still inspired chills in those that looked at it. Part of that was the grand majesty the ruined precipices of the city inspired. Part was the reason they were here. On rare occasion a band of nurglings would emerge from the city, hidden for centuries in some of its many turns and passageways and make a beeline for the nearest populated area, a medium sized township responsible for a fraction of worlds main export, focusing gems needed for lasguns.

Of course, Abby didn't really care about any of that. As far as she was concerned the small enclosure of her sniper position and the dozens of meters of defensive lines she was responsible for might as well have been the open plains. It was her first assignment, stand watch over the decaying monolith along with her squadmates from the 27th, a few Sisters of Battle to observe them, and a quarter mile closer to the city, two squads of the 28th, the 27ths "brother" regiment. After a year of intense training from Schola Progenium candidates, and even more intense scrutiny from the candidates instructors, being out of the academy was a blessing. Even more exciting was the prospect of being around boys, even though they were off-limits and across a well-mined no-man's-land. However such thoughts flew from Abby's head at a sound she had been told she'd likely never hear.

The rusty, old klaxon's pealed their cry across the defenses, triggered by a watchman in the forward trench. For the first time in 3 years it seemed a group of demons had managed to stumble their way out of the carcass of the city. "Alright girls, take your positions, just like in the drills. We are in no danger back here, so there's no need to be nervous." rang the calm voice of Sister Alexandra. With a hustle of activity the girls complied. There were only 12 of them, but they were determined not to allow any of the enemy through. "Hope you're not nervous, Abs" whispered her spotter Chrissy, "I've done this half a dozen times before, just relax and remember your training and you'll do fine." Abby sighed, Chrissy was probably right, after all Chrissy had helped beat back that Tyranid splinter fleet a couple of sectors over a few years back, and if a Tyranid invasion force didn't scare her, then what were a few lesser demons?

Readying herself, Abby surveyed the forward trenches through her sight. There was no real need to focus, the guardsmen had been more than willing to go out and paint range markers in front of their trenches for the snipers, and she'd had nothing better to do for the last 2 weeks but practice shooting the rocks the 28th had painted. It was at that moment that she got her first look at the Great Enemy. They were vile disgusting creatures, no two alike. Some ran on all fours, others shambled forward on two, and close to the back she could swear there was one with 5 legs, loping with some strange lopsided stride. All told, it looked to be one of the larger groups to emerge from the hive in quite some time, maybe twenty to twenty five puss spewing corpse bags.

Steadying herself from the sight, Abby asked for the first target, Chrissy gave her the closest monster, a bipedal freak with a horn growing, seemingly, from its chin. With only a click in confirmation, Abby pulled the trigger on her overcharged lasrifle. She was greeted with the welcome sight of watching the shoulder of the abomination disintegrate. However her joy was short lived as she realized the creature continued to shamble forward. Chrissy hissed at the sight. "Dang, these things don't like to go down. Give him another round, aim for the head this time." Easier said then done, Abby thought to herself, steadying the gun for another shot. Again the gun rang out with but a click, but this time the results were much more encouraging. The shot hadn't quite hit the head, but with the neck now missing, the demon flopped to the sand regardless.

"Yeah! Bullseye!" Chrissy exclaimed. "Concentrate, ladies!" came the barked reply from Sister Alexandria, "There's more than one down there." Slightly humbled, Chrissy turned back around and continued to deal out targets. Time and time again the lasrifle clicked. Sometimes the clicks signaled the end of a demon's time on that plane, but more often the shots found the hot desert floor. Soon it became obvious that despite Abby and the other sniper's best efforts, at least a dozen of the monsters would reach the first line of defense. No longer wanting to take the chance of accidentally hitting on of the men, Abby found her role in the battle relegated to observer.

Her attention though, was as much on the fighting men of the 28th as it was on the demons spilling into their trenches. It was the first time in nearly 18 months since she'd volunteered to become a guardsman that she'd seen a man who wasn't a member of the commissariat and at least twice her age. Seeing these boys, No, Men, her own age, even in these circumstances was a welcome sight. She wondered, was Jonas down there? He had enlisted 2 weeks before she had. They had been nearly inseparable before that, friends since their families had moved to the same level of the spire mere days apart when they were 4. She hurriedly scanned the trenches and...YES! He was down there, she'd recognize the brown curls on his head anywhere. It looked like he was rushing to help fend off the attackers, though he appeared to have been in the middle of something. His shirt was unbuttoned and flapping in the breeze as he moved to give himself a clear shot.

Abby's heart was beating fast, she couldn't tell if it was from the adrenaline of the battle or the thought of seeing her childhood friend for the first time, and all grown up at that. However, her ruminations were not to last, though Jonas and two other guardsmen were doing a great job of stopping two of the demons from advancing any further, they had not seen the demon drop into the trench behind them. Letting out a squeak, Abby let her reflexes take over, sighting the gun quicker than she ever had before and drawing a bead on the monsters head. *Click* sounded the rifle. *Splat* went the demon's head. Alerted by the sound, Jonas whipped around to the gory sight of a headless demon toppling over. Smile on his face he turned momentarily towards the sniper tower and waved before diving headfirst back into the fray.

HE WAVED! Did he know it was her? How could he? Did it matter? Should she tell him the next time she..."Abby, girl, what's up with you?" Chrissy's voice interceded on her thoughts. "Girl, you're blushing so hard they can probably see you from space!" "Oh! It's, uh, nothing Chrissy! Really...", "Sure, girl, whatever you say..." Abby just turned back to her gun and smiled. Perhaps this deployment wouldn't be so bad after all.

and Fin.

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