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Armorist is one of the classes introduced in Spheres of Power, but is a Low-Caster full bab class. Their primary mechanics revolve around the ability to summon equipment, bonding with certain pieces of their equipment and enhacning equipment. To a large extent, this makes the class a little strange and its enhancement abilities easily give it comparisons to a Magus's Arcane Pool. However, its ability to summon allows it to pull things completely from the ether. They can trade enhancement bonuses for special qualities since their leveling would put them with at least +6 enhancement, a no-no in Pathfinder's magic weapon and armor rules. As an Armorist levels up, they gain Arsenal Tricks, which lets them bind with more pieces of equipment, obtaining animal companions, get extra feats, add more weapon abilities, and boost their equipment further.

From there, the get Armor Training (like a fighter), the ability to boost equipment, speedier summoning of equipment and can summon equipment for absolutely free.

However, one of the absolute most hilarious things an Armorist can do is take the Spirit Blade archetype, and become a sentient weapon.

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