Army of Sylvania

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The Army of Sylvania is a variant army for Warhammer Fantasy 6th edition released as part of the Storm of Chaos event. As its name suggests, it's a variant Vampire Counts army, representing the specific forces of the Von Carstein lineage as they defend their home from Archaon and his Hordes of Chaos.

Army List[edit]

Lords: Vampire Lord, Vampire Count

Heroes: 1+ Vampire Thrall, Wight Lord, Wraith

Core Units: Sylvanian Militia, Sylvanian Levy, Dire Wolves, 0-1 Scouting Wolves, 0-2 Bat Swarms, Fell Bats (don't count as minimum Core units)

Special Units: 0-1 Spirit Host, Grave Guard, 0-1 Drakenhof Guard, 0-2 Von Carstein Black Coaches

Rare Units: 0-1 Drakenhof Templars, Banshees

New Special Rules[edit]

Blood of Von Carstein: All Vampires in an Army of Sylvania must belong to the Von Carstein bloodline.

Grave Markers: At the start of the game, place 2 Grave Markers, +1 for each Vampire Lord or Vampire Count in the army. After placing, roll a Scatter dice for each Grave Marker, moving them 2d6" if an Arrow is rolled - Grave Markers moved off the table are lost. During the Magic Phase, each Grave Marker can cast the Bound Spell "From Death Awakened" (Power level 4, treat as a 7+ Casting Level Invocation of Nehek with a range of 6" from the Grave Marker that can be used to summon Sylvanian Militia or Sylvanian Levy). Grave Markers cannot be placed within 6" of each other, at least 50% of them must be placed on the Sylvanian player's table half, and none may be placed in the opponent's deployment zone.

==New Von Carstein Bloodline Powers: Spectral Attendants: Whilst this vampire is alive and on the tabletop, enemy Wizards suffer a -1 penalty to their casting roll, though this can neither affect an Irresistible Force nor cause a Miscast. It costs 25 poins and only one vampire in the army may have this power.

Wolf Lord: For 10 points, this vampire gains the ability to use Invocation of Nehek to summon Grave Wolves, at a rate of d3/2d3/3d3 depending on the casting value used.

Earthbind: For 10 points, this vampire gains Magic Resistance (1).

New Magic Standard[edit]

The Drakenhof Banner: Costs 50 points, grants the unit Magic Resistance (2). Additionally, any vampire using the Summon Bats or Summon Wolves bloodline power within 12" of this banner doubles the amount of bats/wolves summoned.

New Units[edit]

Scouting Wolves are Dire Wolves given the Scouts special rule at a cost of +1 point per model.

The Drakenhof Guard are Grave Guard given Hand Weapons, Great Weapons and Full Plate Armor at a cost of +3 points per model.

Drakenhof Templars are Black Knights with a rename.

Von Carstein Black COaches are the same as the normal Black Coach unit, but are cheaper - 175 points each instead of the normal 200 points.

Sylvanian Militia are a variant Skeleton unit equipped with Light Armor, a Shield, and a Spear.

Sylvanian Levy are a variant Zombie unit equipped with Light Armor, a Shield, and a Spear.