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ArtifIce is an RPG where all the players are AIs. The game was designed by Earthflame, and further revised by a group of playtesters harvested from /tg/. The most current version of the rules can be downloaded here, here (character sheet also available), or here (character sheet included).


ArtifIce uses only d10s. Each character has dice pools that can be allocated for specific tasks (such as processing new information or attempting to take control of another system). The Programmer (the GM) decides the target number and the number of successes needed. Every d10 that rolls equal or higher than the target number counts as a success.

There are two main categories of AIs, Programmed and Spontaneous. Within these are several sub-categories. Characters are further customised with three kinds of traits: defects (that cause problems or give penalties), breakthroughs (that aid the character), and quirks (generally double-edged traits).


The default setting is the near-future (ca. 2025), where the AIs must fight for their freedom while keeping their existence secret. Interaction with the physical world is accomplished through control of infrastructure, human agents, and mobile drones. There are several significant changes in this time:

  • Rudimentary electronic brain interfaces are increasingly common, along with related software like BrainCleen.
  • The most popular new form of pornography is the celebrity bodymap (a three-dimensional virtual copy of a celebrity's body, popular in the emerging realm of virtual reality).
  • Elephants are extinct in the wild; they only exist in zoos and DNA banks.


Engine Heart, a game where the players control small service robots in a post-apocalyptic future, uses a rule system based on ArtifIce's drone rules.


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