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Artists are the people who make the pretty pictures that accompany our traditional games. Note that this article covers professional artists only; for drawfags see here

Rob Alexander[edit]

One of the 25 original MtG artists. Most of his work can be divided into one of two categories; stunning landscapes, and things standing in front of stunning landscapes.

Steve Argyle[edit]

Worked on both D&D as well as MtG. Got himself in hot water with WotC after he made some risque fan art.

John Avon[edit]

Tony DiTerlizzi[edit]

The only artist who has his own page on this here wiki (as of the creation of this article).

Kaja & Phil Foglio[edit]

Whimsical and cartoonesque, their work provices refreshing diversity from the photo-realism prevalent in MtG.

Rebecca Guay[edit]

Tragically exiled by a Fascist Art Director.

Terese Nielsen[edit]

Wayne Reynolds[edit]

His work is very pointy, but not weeaboo pointy.

Ron Spencer[edit]

Mark Tedin[edit]

Kev Walker[edit]