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Here's her looking kinda cool, for once!

Aske Grishnackh is a 19-year-old human Rogue from Norscion, currently living in Akaton. She's an incredibly nervous, shy, self-hating rookie adventurer. She speaks two languages, whatever Common counts as, and Norcish. The latter being her mother tongue. She's a little naive, very green, and hopes she can at least accomplish something with her life. Oh, she has an eyepatch.


Aske was born, and raised on the western coast of Norscion, a small snowy, mountainous island off the north coast of the Continent. The only child of her parents, Jozeph and Eylse Grishnackh, her father held an almost-grudge against her. If this was before she wasn't born a boy, or that she never had any siblings, she didn't know. It could also have to do with the fact the guy was and is a total cunt. Her extended family is quite large, having a numerous amount of uncles, aunts, and cousins. She lost her eye over a course of time, beginning with an incident that led to a detached retina. Said incident happened around the time she was 6, and eventually her parents feared it could lead to something like an infection. At the age of 8, Aske's right eye was removed, and she began wearing an eyepatch. Growing up, she had a keen interest in poetry, and wanted to become a bard, forming a group with a few friends. The group stayed together, until they all eventually reached 18, and moved away. Aske herself was sent off after an incident involving a priestess' corpse, and her last wishes. She spent her time roaming her island home for a year, performing odd jobs and learning survival skills from the help of an Uncle who tagged along. When she returned home, her parents were still not impressed, and suggested she head to the mainland. At 19, that's exactly what she did, with hopes of becoming an adventurer.


And here's her looking and feeling incredibly awkward. Like usual.

Standing at an intimidating 5'2, Aske is usually shorter than most people. She has short, messy, unevenly cut blonde hair, and pale skin. Her eyes are a light blue. For clothing, she wears a simple white shirt, with a dark blue hooded cloak over the top of it. She wears brown leather pants, and boots. She has a sword on her right side, along with two sheathed daggers on both of her thighs.