Aspect Armour

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Protective and stylish.

The Carapace Armour to the Mesh Armour's Flak Armour.

Aspect Armour is manufactured by the Eldar for use by their specialist Aspect Warriors. They use psychic engineering to construct a psycho-sensitive material which reacts instantly to movement by the wearer and moulds and reshapes itself to provide a tight fit, making it ideal for combat.

It stiffens on impact much like Mesh Armour although it also includes further rigid plating to reinforce it further. Dark Reapers, Shining Spears, Striking Scorpions, Warp Spiders and Fire Dragons all have heavier plate armour for improved protection when compared to Dire Avengers, Howling Banshees and Swooping Hawks, each one needing the extra manoeuvrability lost when using heavier armour.

One thing that is special and exclusive for the Warp Spiders is that they gain access to Phase Armour, granted, it is only available for their Exarchs. But Phase Armour is a sub-category of Aspect Armour which allows them to shift themselves, and all units around them, out of phase with the physical realm. They are not able to attack, but as long as they stay phased they are invulnerable from harm.

Heavy Aspect Armour is another sub-category that incorporates thick armoured plates but retains great flexibility and is known to be among the best in the galaxy.

Exarch Armour[edit]

It's Marvel's Destroyer Armour Lite.

An upgrade to Aspect Armour. Exarch Armour is specialized armour worn only by Eldar Exarchs.

These fighting suits are of a superior version worn by ordinary members of the Warrior Aspect and their great age means they preserve much ancient workmanship, long-abandoned decorative styles as well as various emblems and ornamentation that mean nothing to typical Eldar.

From their shrine, they take the spirit stone that houses the departed souls of past Exarchs whereupon they assumed a Sacred Name that is associated with the stone. This comes at a time when their spirit mingles with that of the spirit stone which has been part of the armour since its inception. The mind of its user becomes lost within the greater heroic beings that bear the Exarch's name with their memories as well as experiences of the past beginning to merge with their own. Thus, their life becomes just another stage in the long existence of the spirit stone as the heroic warrior is born once again in a new form.

As such, when a new Exarch wears their armour, their experiences and accumulated memories merge with that of the one present in the spirit stone. These combined experiences allow the user to understand the ancient weaponry and armour that they are using as well as give them general knowledge of ancient times when the original wearer lived. In this manner, the Eldar that wears the armour of an Exarch is initiated into the most closely guarded secrets of his/her kind, namely the origin of the Exarchs during the time of the Fall itself.

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