Assault Tripod

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The face of the coming nightmare

When the cylinders first landed in Britain, each one contained three of the dreaded Tripods. Even the might of the British army proved nearly useless when faced with the gleaming war machines. With terrifying war horns and buzzing heat rays, they burned a blacked swath through the countryside and London.

With beginning of the Great Martian war, the terrible war machines stalk the planet once again.

The most ubiquitous war machine used by the Martians, the so called "Assault Tripod" is a towering incarnation of death and subjugation. These machines were the first tripods deployed to the target world in both invasions, and little alteration to the basic design has been necessary to keep them terrifyingly effective.

The basic Assault Tripod is armed with the iconic heat ray, which projects a beam of concentrated heat energy powerful enough to melt through steel and reduce Humans to ash in an instant. Combined with the Tripods inherent durability and mobility, this level of firepower is virtually unrivaled on the battle field. As the war has dragged on however, the limitations of the heat rays in Earth's atmosphere have allowed Human forces to leverage a decent range advantage using artillery. To counter this large numbers of Assault tripods have been fitted with Black Dust Weapons and "Green Gas" grenades. Both of these weapons disperse lethal chemicals that can kill in seconds and are used to blanked artillery positions in deadly clouds.

Martian Forces in All Quiet on the Martian Front
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