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An utterly amazing set of youtube videos.

It covers the story of a combat squad of Space Marines from the Retributor Chapter (around 5-10 Marines) making an assault on a Traitor Space vessel and using its skills, experience and stupendously cool equipment to overcome (kill) all opposition (as they are damn heretical traitors).

Why the fans love the animation and story[edit]

We are the Emperor's angels of death, not his angels of mercy.
  • The animation quality is simply fantastic, you expect top end animation houses to create this.
  • Theres no dialog - its just visuals and sound affects - this carries the story perfectly.
  • This shows what Space Marines would be like in a real world setting (unlike the table top game and other games), theres only 1000 marines in a Chapter so why so few? This animation shows why their numbers are restricted by the Codex Astartes. There used to be a legions numbering up to 100,000......
  • These are utterly professional in their combat and tactical skills. They move without hesitation, shoot with fantastic accuracy and communicate only when needed. Theres no crazy yelling and shouting.
  • Space Marines are HUGE compared to baseline humans, their power armour makes them even bigger and imposing.
  • Space Marines are FAST and AGILE, a lot of other fictions make them lumbering and cumbersome. With their reactions they can avoid a rocket launched missile as they saw the gunner fire it a distance away
  • Space Marine Power Armour is really really tough, small arms ping off, Autocannon rounds dent, Multi lasers drill small craters but the marine inside is fine and fighting.
  • Space Marine Bolter and Bolt pistols are brutally effective to soft skinned targets, they simply get blown apart from the rocket propelled bolts reactive explosive charge. Semi-auto and fully automatic settings (ROF is very high, empties a 31 round magazine around 1.5 secs). The marines do not waste ammunition: one bolt to one target
  • Space Marine helmet technology - it shows the helmet visors/eye slits are actually multiple cameras and auspex sensors(ie: its not going straight to the eyeball). It provides a full tactical HUD for the user (Giving a type of thermal/infrared/night vision highlighting of targets).
  • They use combat knives, smoke grenades and the Sergeant (insignia/rank cannot be seen so we can only assume) uses a Plasma Pistol with very cool effect when firing (gas venting)
  • The enemy are no walk overs, they have trained ship armsmans with lasguns, autoguns, twin linked multi lasers, autocannons and shaped charge explosives. They make best with what they have when the marines attack but are simply overwhelmed. This is in full effect when the squad attacks the two Psykers in control; these two gold-faced boys legitimately throw some wrenches into the Marine's works and are defeated due to superior enveloping tactics.

List of Videos[edit]

There are currently a teaser and 4 videos:

Phew! these 31 rocket propelled bolts may have stung me a bit.
It will kick 'a little' on full auto so i'd should better prepare.