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Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Lesser Deity
Pantheon Draconic
Portfolio Acquisitiveness, Status, Wealth
Domains Dragon, Protection, Wealth, Cavern, Metal
Home Plane Outlands
Worshippers Dragonbloods, Wealth-Seekers
Favoured Weapon Scimitar, claw

Astilabor, also known as The Acquisitor and The Hoardmistress, is the Dragon Goddess of Hoards in Dungeons & Dragons. She represents the natural draconic desire to acquire treasure and power, although she is neither as ruthless nor as greedy as Tiamat and so regards the Many-Headed Wyrm and her followers with a professional disdain.

This goddess can best be summed up as a hypocrite. She values wealth and power, instilling the need to collect and protect a hoard, and claims to be free of the stigma of greed. She also claims to refuse to abide theft, but often turns a blind eye to her faithful stealing shit in order to make their hoards bigger.

Truthfully, Astilabor is kind of a boring god; pretty much every dragon of every kind respects her, but few bother to actually go so far as to actively worship her; the furthest most go is to scratch out her symbol over their hoards in order to invoke her protection. Her clerics are rare and always Neutral on one axis of the alignment grid, in order to remain pure to the goal of acquiring and protecting wealth; they rarely do much outside of look for more wealth and accept donations from those who have offended the goddess. Her temples are rare, due to the tension between her faithful's wishes to expand their hoard and to honor Astilabor, but generally resemble ornately decorated vaults.

Prayers to Astilabor are done whilst counting one's hoard. The standard prayer is to run one's hands (or claws) through a pile of gold coins whilst chanting "all this gold belongs to me; may I add to my riches tenfold, tenfold times".

With the obvious dragons and dragonbloods as her allies, the herald of Astilabor on the Prime Material is a True Neutral Draconic Human Rogue of 19th level.

Astilabor's faithful respect and are friendly enough towards Moradin and Garl Glittergold, due to their appreciation of the value of gems and precious metals. However, they distrust followers of roguish gods such as Olidammara, for obvious reasons.

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