Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank

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That's no moon tank. That's a space station Gunship!

"Just as the Primaris Space Marines themselves blend the best elements of several millennia of Space Marines, the Astraeus Super-heavy Tank represents the pinnacle of Imperial engineering, a devastating war machine that makes the perfect accompaniment to your Space Marine army."

– Warhammer Community

The Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank is Forge World's first (and presumably not the last) superheavy vehicle for the Primary Sue Marines.

In a rare stroke of unconventional ingenuity, the Astraeus is built upon a chassis unlike any other. A chassis that seems like it was taken from an ancient Terran tank design from late M2. Trust us, it has nothing to do with the C&C Mammoth Tank or the Halo Scorpion, with Games Workshop's good track record of creation originality, such accusations are blatant lies! But seriously, it supposedly combines the technology of the Repulsor with STC technology supposedly recovered by the Minotaurs during the Perun Cross Incident. We say "supposedly" because the records of the battle are sealed due to the involvement of the Grey Knights in that battle.

So far, reviews for this tank has been mixed, with some praising it for looking like a tank ripped straight out of G.I. Joes and its overall unique design which separates it from conventional Imperium 'Moving Metal Boxes' design, whilst others criticizing it for....looking like a tank ripped straight out of G.I. Joes and that it just looks hideous and too different from conventional Imperium 'Moving Metal Boxes' design.


The Astraeus is basically the unholy lovechild between a Fellblade, a Repulsor, and a Sicaran that has been flattened and stretched with a rolling pin. Basically speaking, this thing is as long as two Baneblades duct-taped together or a Thunderhawk on land. AKA this thing is ABSOLUTELY HUEG! One must wonder what kind of new toys is needed to drop this monster into orbit. Maybe the mystical Primaris Overlord Dropship that has yet to be seen?

But one thing is definitely certain, this thing has teeth, LOTS OF TEETH. Its ridiculously oversized hull mounts a devastating range of defensive and offensive systems. The main weapons of the Astraeus are a pair of macro-accelerator cannons (basically giant suped-up accelerator cannons you find on the Sicaran), coupled with sponson-mounted las-rippers or plasma eradicators. The macro-accelerator cannons are particularly powerful, firing 12 shots with -2 AP and 3 Damage apiece! (Profile is for a Twin Macro-Accelerator Cannon so only 12 shots over all).

Not only is this big bastard armed with as many guns as the Repulsor (including a Ironhail Heavy Stubber that must feel pretty useless next to all that firepower and a Storm Bolter inexplicably mounted on its rear), but it's the only Primaris unit with a 2+ save, and has void shields. You know, the shit they normally put on Titans? This basically turns the already mobile fortress of guns into a more Dakka version of the Mastodon. Seriously, Orks can only get so erect when they see this thing on the battlefield. Speaking of which, it also shares the same gravitic plates of its little brother, which is the merciless crushing of its gravity force.

Unlike its little brother, the Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank doesn’t have any transport capacity – instead, this colossal machine is dedicated to destruction alone. While there are few targets that can stand up to one of the Astraeus Super-heavy Tank’s furious fusillades, it particularly excels at shooting down Flyers. So no, not even air superiority is safe from this motherfucker. With the Steel Behemoth rule and Power of the Machine Spirit, this war machine can fire on the move, or even when locked in close combat, making it a surprisingly flexible and mobile unit for its size.

Just prop this moving fortress with Grandpa Smurf, some Repulsors and a Techpriest and you can say goodbye to any leftover bitching on Eldar powerscaling. Because boys, there is a new kid in town and he is going to roundhouse kick a certain group of motherfuckers right in their urethra.

For some unknown reason, it manage to move faster than its little brother despite its size.


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