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imaging it as a safe haven for racism and hippies.

Athel Loren is a living, self aware forest where the badarse Hippies live. It is best known for simply killing anything that dares to enter it unless they are a tree or a Wood Elf. The forest has existed since before the time of the Elves or Dwarfs and was the last place to be destroyed in the End Times.

Before the Elves[edit]

Like most of the creatures, aside from dragon ogres and dragons, the Old Ones created the forest by planting the seed that would grow to be the Oak of Ages. Basically that super planet life eating tree from dragon ball, but with more magic. A bunch of trees grew beside the big tree and Athel Loren was formed. However, it is not known if the forest spirits were awoken when chaos came to bite their ass roots or if they have been awake since their birth.

Yeah well... the forest was basically not important before this point, no one came near it because it is full of creepy strange magic that makes time go weird. If you were stupid enough to walk in you could be there for twelve years only to leave and find that a second has passed since you entered in the rest of the world, or maybe you go in for a second and find a century passed in the world you left. Time doesn't matter in the forest, no one could keep track of it even if it did, the forest is weird.

When the Elves arrived[edit]

When the elves came to colonize the old world by setting up a colony on would-be-bretonnia, they found the forest and did some pretty gay stuff with the treekin since they were a lot nicer back then. Then demons showed up and fucked up everything, reducing most of the land covered by roots from the oak of ages to shreds. See the thing is that the forest once had the root covered everywhere, from athel loren to even the land of norsca (before it was occupied by chaos rape vikings) but demons fucked all that up that the forest is but a shell of its former selves. After the war with demons, the various living tree creatures were kind of butthurt by this event to the point that they were able to evolve into more of a warlike form that is capable of fighting outsiders. The event also draws the forest and the elves closer than ever before since they were butt fuck buddies at war.

Then the Dwarf and the High Elf kingdoms had a big war the Elves called the War of the Beard and Dwarfs call the War of Vengeance, which fucked over the Elf colonists who were still on the continent (thank you Malekith!). The rest of the elves of Ulthuan abandoned them to go save themselves from a bunch of backstabbing cunts so the disgruntled colonists decided to go find a new home. The spirits of the forest, particularly the giant treeman named Durthu, had been calling the colonial Elves in a way that affected their most primitive instincts, drawing them into its depths as allies tied to the forest.

Dwarf culture heavily involves Grudgekeeping, or recording EVERY sleight and paying it back. Although the victory of the Dwarves saw them strike out the Grudge that began the war, many Grudges remained from actions during the war. Being a bunch of racists, the Dwarves saw the remaining Elves as the targets for revenge and pursued them into the wilds. The ruling Spirits of Athel Loren, a rather moody Fey butterfly queen named Ariel (actually the mother and main goddess of all Elves, Isha) and an outright hostile Satyr king named Orion (father of all Elves and a god of the hunt Kurnous), decided not to instantly kill all the Elves and instead lead them to the Oak of Ages, the heart of the forest. When they got there the Forest talked to them, told them about how it wants them to stay and protect it during the winter. The treemen however regretted the invitation as they were massacred by Dwarves, and came to resent all fauna as a result.

Winter is Coming[edit]

The forest of Athel Loren is sentient, it skullfucks anything that messes with it and is very much alive. Most trees (you know.. not evergreen ones) wilt in winter, Athel Loren is no different and during the winter months will go into a long sleep only to wake again in spring. During winter the entire forest is basically just another forest, albiet with weird time warping. This however is where the wood elves come in, because while in winter it's 'just another forest', it's still 'just another forest' where the tree speak vietnamese Fan-Eltharin, meaning attacking it in winter (and with it being warhammer fantasy a winter campaign is no small feat in on it self, is not much easier. Of course during the rest of the year the forest is fully capable of protecting itself meaning any attacker has about a few months at best to try and do damage to Athel Loren before the trees wake up and start murdering you along side the elves.

Things that live there[edit]

Athel Loren is full of some of the most kickarse old world creatures in the entire game. Starting off do you like tree people? Well they are there and they are awesome. Every treeman has a serious beef with anything living and not a resident of the forest, like, thorny tentacles raping you angry.

Then there are the eagles and hawks. The eagles are really cool, like their LOTR counterparts they are extremely badarse and fully capable of taking on all kinds of things from worms to giants. The hawks are smaller but there are more of them, the Wood Elves like to bird-nap them and raise them as life long companions to become a murder-death combo known as the Hawk Rider. Fucking innovative name there.

There are also Stags and Unicorns, you might think a stag is unremarkable but it isn't they're super magical and super important, even more important than a unicorn. The unicorns are still very magical though, they tend to get drawn to the Spellsingers like magnets.

After that you got the Wood Elves... yeah ok go find the actual page for them, in short they're badarse tree huggers.

THEN THERE ARE FOREST DRAGONS! What?! Right.. yeah, they're some of the only dragons left alive in the world of Warhammer Fantasy. Bretonnia is full of douchebags that keep trying to kill dragons for their quests and the rest of the dragons are hiding in mountains so the Forest Dragons are descendant of dragons who took refuge in Athel Loren to escape being hunted down and killed. They are super smart and super strong but most of the time they are asleep except for when Athel Loren tells them to wake up and skullfuck some Dawi or Orcs. Sometimes the Elves wake them up and say, hey, can our lord ride you? They're super cool about that though and totally onboard with it, often they make friends with the Elf they work with. They love the news though, if you can tell them about what's been going on in the rest of the world since they slept with sufficient clarity you won't become a roast.

Blood Bowl[edit]

In the Blood Bowl universe where American/Gridiron Football replaced war, Laurelorn Vale is the location of the home field of the Elven Union team made up of members of all three Elf races (plus Sea Elves, still sometimes referred to as a fourth race in BB canon). They most likely share this field with one of the Wood Elf teams, The Laurelorn Paladins.

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