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Heart with an air glyph within
Aliases The Sad Maiden
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Oerth (Oeridian)
Portfolio East Wind, Renewal, Spring
Domains Air, Good, Plant, Sun, Travel
Home Plane Grove of Perpetual Spring (Beastlands)
Worshippers Farmers
Favoured Weapon Windstorm (Sling)

Atroa is the Oeridian goddess of spring, the east wind, and renewal. She's the daughter of Procan, sister to Velnius, Sotillion, Telchur, and Wenta, cousin to Merikka, and Kurell's ex-wife.


The Sad Maiden appears as a fresh-faced young woman, with an eagle occasionally perched on her shoulder. She wears a spherical glass talisman called Readying's Dawn, which can melt all ice within her line of sight.


Most people worship Atroa alongside her siblings. Her clerics are explorers, looking foward to seeing new places and meeting new people and rarely settling down for more than a year, but also looking foward to seeing old friends and acquintances. They are optimistic and always willing to try new things.


Spring is the time that the world awakens from her slumber by the invigorating breath of the east wind. Spring brings new life and love to the world, renews old friendships, and pulls on the heartstrings of lovers, poets, and travelers. It is a time for old things to be repaired, old feuds to be buried, and old biases to be discarded. Like the dawn, it presages great things to come; look to them with an open mind and heart so that they may be enjoyed to the fullest.

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