Attack Moon

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The Ork's own Death Star.

"That's no moon..."

Imperial Rogue Trader, Hanus Solus finding out the terrible secret...

You know a Rok? Yeah, imagine one scaled up to the size of a small moon. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Attack Moon.

An Attack Moon was the Imperial designation for a class of massive Ork vessels encountered during the War of the Beast.


The flagships of the Warboss known only as The Beast, an Attack Moon was a hollowed-out planetoid that travelled via transitioning into the Materium from a realm known as "subspace". Its arrival from subspace could take some time, and nearby planets were wracked with gravity and geological catastrophes, sometimes even torn apart.

Once in-system, the Attack Moon would "recharge" by shattering and consuming worlds via powerful tractor beams, a bit like Unicron. The largest feature of the Ork Moon was an enormous snarling face, which could move and even speak in sync with the will of The Beast. In truth, the Attack Moon was neither a true sphere or an independently operating vessel. It was simply the end-point for the Ork subspace tunnel dubbed a "Waaagh! Gate" by the greenskins. This allowed it to employ endless waves of Orks warships and landing craft. The main weapon of the Attack Moon was a "gravitic whip", a massive gravity weapon that would decimate entire squadrons of Cruisers and crush even Battleships in a single volley.

Attack Moons were constructed through a complicated process of placing one gravitic nexus into orbit and another on the surface of a planet, which would send the contents of the doomed world into space to be reformed into a massive space vessel.

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