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A golden setting sun
Aliases Avanalae, Lana, Vani, Goddess of the Sun, Lady of Reason
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Greater Goddess
Pantheon Cerilian
Portfolio Magic, reason, sun
Domains Law, Knowledge, Magic, Sun
Home Plane The Gleaming Spire (Mechanus)
Worshippers Magicians, philosophers, scholars, wizards, most Khinasi
Favoured Weapon Spear

Avani, also called Avanalae, Lana, or Vani, is the Cerilian goddess of the sun, reason, and magic, and the patron of the Khinasi. She's the wife of Erik, and mother to Laerme.


Avani was the high priestess of Basaïa, the patron of the Basarj, the ancestors of the Khinasi, who served as her champion during the Battle at Mount Deismaar. After the battle, she assumed the position of her dead goddess.


Avani is said to appear as the sun by the Khinasi, but also as a mature and beautiful, dark-skinned woman, with a gaze that can calm her people and terrify their enemies. Many tales also tell her appearing as an animal, ranging from a hawk to a ram.


Avani is seen as the supreme ruler of the gods in Khinasi lands, with her faith being found everywhere but the Rjurik Highlands. The Khinasi worship the Lady of Reason as the bringer of light, life, and warmth, who protects them from the Shadow and darkness, and brings food to their table. They also believe that every ray of sunlight carries hen blessings, and less-educated believe that must be wary around pale-skinned people, for they don't have Avani's blessing. Her holy days are the day of her ascension, which is also the day of the Battle at Mount Deismaar, and 32nd of Eleomin/Roelir, the day el-Arrasi's birth.

Avani's church, much like that of Haelyn, is fractured into many sects, formed from disagreements as to what she represents and what her true message is. Its clerics and paladins often take active roles within communities and act as diplomats, lawyers, serve in the army, or just labor in the fields like others. The churches are also places for discussion, study, and reflection, where the worshippers ponder the mysteries of the world and attempt to find the truth of matters.

Ariyan Temple of Avani[edit]

The church in Ariya, with a prince-paladin ruling the land and the church. Their follower try to rid themselves of impurities through prayer, proper conduct, and denying the Five Tempters (debt, shame/betrayal, dirtyness, vice, and dishonor). Also no sex before marriage or intoxicants stronger than coffee. The temple most people outside of Khinasi lands recognize and associate with the worship of Avani. To them Avani is an inherently benevolent goddess, whose word is that of peace and prosperity and to achieve that is to have a rich and rewarding life.

Fiery Dawn of Avani[edit]

Similar to the Ariyan temple above, but they see the goals as less attainable. More militant, they see that as long as there are those who seek to take your achievements away, people can never fully know peace and prosperity, for they must guard themselves against others. They teach that one must defeat his enemies before being able to achieve peace and prosperity.

Great Temple of Avani[edit]

The oldest of the sects, located in Mairada and Suiriene. Originally the church of Basaïa, they see Avani as her successor rather than a completely new goddess as the other sects claim, so they follow the old doctrines and teachings of Basaïa. Frequently plagued by heretics who claim that this makes Avani nothing but an echo of Basaïa, and critics claiming they are too mired in the past to lead the Khinasi.

Lana's Light[edit]

The church in Molochev, lead by Katherine ab-Sina, the secret daughter of the former regent of Molochev and a captured noblewoman of Khourane. Mainly focused on helping those working against the tsar and the One True Church of Vosgaard.

Life and Protection of Avanalae[edit]

The Church in Elinie and Coeranys. Largely the same as the Ariyan temple, but uses the Anuirean name of the goddess. Has some support among the nobles of Ghoere as well.

Medecian Way of Avani[edit]

The church in Besaïam, or The Lamia's Domain. Largely similiar to the Fiery Dawn, but with a more fatalistic bent and a blending the goal of killing the Lamia along with the worship of Avani. Also dominated by women due to the Lamia's ability.

Raging Heart of Avani[edit]

The church in the Tarvan Waste. They say that people were put on the world by Avani to be tested, and that the enlightenment Avani desires others to reach can only be obtained by facing and fighting against the challenges of the world. To them the Tarvan Waste is a good place to be, for it allows them to challenge themselves and prepare to serve her in the afterlife.

Wachen an Sonnlacht[edit]

The church in Rheulgard. Wachen an Sonnlacht (translated as "Watchers of Sunlight") are ideologically descended from the Fiery Dawn.

Zikalan Temple of Avani[edit]

The church in Zikala. Its high priestess, Shandare, believes that the Khinasi are the only civilized people in Cerilia, as they actually concern themselves things that they can leave for the world to discover. Her critics point out that she appearantly doesn't see Khinasi peasants and merchants be money-grubbing, but does see the Brechtür, and that she is quite willing to fight incessantly as the Vos and Rjurik she calls barbarians. Shandare also has a desire to unify the faith of Avani under one church, with her as its head, by crushing the others beneath her heels, and that Avani sharing her divine gifts with those not ready to recieve them is contemptible, finding the Life and Protection of Avanalae to be a rebel church, for Avani could not think to share her gifts with barbarians.

The Deities & Faiths of Birthright
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