Avatars Of War

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Avatars Of War
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Notable Games Avatars of War: Arena DeathMatch
Website https://avatars-of-war.com/sh/en/

Avatars Of War is a company which makes the titular game, Avatars of War: Arena DeathMatch.

Noticeably all their factions are based on Warhammer Fantasy miniatures, and fit into almost any army as a model alternative (although many could be used in Warhammer 40000 as well). Sculpts are in resin and metal and pricing is equal to Games Workshop prices, with some being arguably superior (or at least different for those fielding more than one of a model that only comes in one type) sculpts.

The setting of their games is the world of Saga, created by Wayne England (May his soul rest in peace), which has a series of lorebooks and artbooks to accompany it. Arena DeathMatch is their not-Mordheim. Warthrone is the wargame, which was actually designed to work as an expansion to Warhammer Fantasy.

They have recently partnered with The 9th Age project and rebranded their miniatures accordingly. They intend to start printing physical T9A rulebooks soon.

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