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Averland Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Marius Leitdorf (deceased)
Province capital Averheim
Runefang Mother's Ruin, also known as The Sword of Ruin
Specialties Wealthy and well funded armies, defensive battles
Commerce Agriculture, Animal Husbandry
Primary military colours Yellow and Black

Averland is a southern province of The Empire, named after the river Aver that borders the territory, nestled in the foothills of both the Worlds Edge Mountains, and Black Mountains. Officially known as Grand County of Averland, the province was first settled by the ancient Brigundians and consists of expansive stretches of open plains and fertile land suitable for agriculture and horse breeding; the later of which are considered some of the damn best horses money can buy, and are sought after by the knightly orders within the Empire. Averland might be the perfect place for a holiday home, if it weren't for the fact that the main exit of Black Fire Pass opens into the province and has been under constant incursion of Greenskin hordes and Orc Waaaghs since the time of Sigmar, and probably would see your holiday home blasted into wooden splinters and holiday bitches dragged off screaming into the mountains. Grom the Paunch and Gorbad Ironclaw are two examples of Greenskin warlords that successfully ransacked Averland throughout its perilous history.

Averlanders and Culture[edit]

Averlanders are considered a little eccentric by the other provinces as they tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves and all seem to have bats in the belfry, which is suggested to have been caused by small amounts of inbreeding across the province. Still despite this, Averlanders are noted as generally being friendly and fun companions to hang out with, telling jokes and laughing while being very generous and sharing the ale and wine with guests and friends. Though they have known to become very annoying if you upset them, and they are also very superstitious. The annoying kind of superstitious, the ones who talk about star signs and black cats being bad omens. They also like Dwarfs due to similar senses of humour and having a tendency of getting fashionably shitfaced. A part of this kinship extends back to the olden days when the Brigundians buddied up with the dwarves on raids against the goblin and orc tribes, and supplying cavalry to their armies.

While Averland suffered immensely from the Invasion of Gorebad Ironclaw, they got the lucky reprive of routing the goblin forces, unlike Solland, which got absolutely REAMED by the orc invasion, so much so that the province was pretty much destroyed and its lands were split up between Averland and Wissenland. This merging of the provinces has had an effect on the culture of Averland as the heraldry was changed to a sun to honour Solland and multiple surviving noble houses still fly Solland heraldry and colours. The addition of extra noble families with aspirations of reclaiming former glory adds to the already backstaby nature of the current political scene with the outside influences and traditions of Solland seeping its way into the Averlander culture.


A bit weird and kind of annoying, but he sure as hell gets the job done.

The province capital, located along the south of the River Aver. Originally known as Averburg, it's been a chief city even before Sigmar and the Empire existed. The Burgundians Leader Siggurd decided to one day build a giant fortress on the highest point of the city in an impressive fit of dick swinging to let everyone know -both the surrounding tribes and the greenskins- that he and Sigmar were the fucking best. Unfortunately this hubris was shown up later by Gorebad during his invasion of Averland, and leveled practically everything up until the grand count and his personal guards ran him out of the city after making it as far as the Plenzerplatz. They salvaged some of their ego back by building a massive pillar of slain orc skulls on the exact point they got driven back. Averheim continued to rebuild its broken city, but the majority of the slaughtered population was harder to replace.

Despite this, Averheim is still an important city in the empire as it is the trading post for most of Averlands cattle, which get loaded on boats and sent up the Aver towards other provinces. Multiple merchants guilds also inhabit the city, and a fairly notable part of the population are from noble houses, who own and run parts of the city making money off the trade and agricultural sales from their land. The city used to be run by the Count of Averlands family, but since Leitdorf's death the control of both the province and city has been up in the air as all the noble houses play politics, internally and with one other to try and become the next Elector Count and de-facto rulers of the city.


Due to provincial wealth and necessity, Averlands military is very well equipped as Averland is the doormat for any orc or chaos warbands that stumble through Black Fire Pass and needs its soldiers to be able to react and deal with threats quickly, or the local populace will wake up with an orc in their house and an axe in their head. Due to the very important task of making sure a repeat of Gorbad doesn't happen, the Averland armies have become very good at fighting defensively and in sieges (oh look, army with a yellow colour scheme is good at siege fighting) and so makes a wide use of cannons, handguns and spear and halberdier state troops. They are also very brave during battles, though this mostly comes from them wanting to prove they are not cowards which a common joke made by most of the other provinces due to their slightly erratic and loopy behaviour, so will sometimes not give ground out some sense of pride or proving a point, when the smart thing to do would be to retreat and re-group. Despite the versatile armaments, Averland doesn't care much about how it's state troops choose to arm themselves, only that they get the job done. Everyone is seen as an equal and are generally referred to as Mountainguard. There's also have a specialized group of hunters called Bergjaegers who were taught by halfling communities that migrated into the province.

The best faction by far in Averland is the Order of the Black Bear, a drunken mosh of secular knights that holds regular tournaments to unleash their manly energies after their original hobby of hunting halflings for sport was outlawed. Before every tournament, the Grand Master wrestles a bear, which often leads to an ended service by getting mauled to death by that bear. They don't care that much since another member usually takes the spot and carries on. When not getting hand over fist hammered on ale and playing with grizzlies, the order spends most of its efforts are spent hunting undead near Sylvania or breaking Greenskin forces.


Averlander mercenaries were not part of the original Mordheim ruleset, unlike their kin from Reikland, Marienburg and Middenland, but instead they debuted in Town Cryer #10. This means that, like the Ostlanders, they use a somewhat different array of heroes and henchmen.

For Heroes, an Averlander band must contain a single Captain, who is the band's default leader; that, they share in common with the vanilla Human Mercs warband. Their other Hero choices are 0-1 Sergeants (old veterans), 0-2 Bergjaegers (veteran rangers who can set traps), and 0-1 Youngbloods (youthful would-be mercs).

For Heroes, they can take Mountainguard (warriors with +1 Weapon Skill, but costing +5 crowns each), Marksmen, and 0-3 Halfling Scouts.

An Averlander band is speedy; all their heroes can take skills from the Speed table.


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