Awakening of Veristus Aethor

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A report from the Ecclisiarchy was relayed to the Chapter, informing them that a Chaos cult had arisen on a nearby world. Not wanting to give the cult any chances to grow, the local Ecclisiarchial Church demands the Argent Strix to eliminate the cult with haste.

The Argent Strix responded by deploying a tactical marine squad, named "Sanguine Redeemers", to the world. Out of these ten marines, one of the battle-brothers would be Veristus Aethor.

When the Sanguine Redeemers made planetfall it became apparent that the Chaos cult had become brazen with their rituals, no longer hiding in the shadows. The hive city of this planet was covered in eldritch markings, the scrawlings of madmen. Rivers of crimson snaked their way down from the hive city, seeping into the ground. Tribalistic totems, crudely constructed from various body parts, strung up for all to witness.

The Sanguine Redeemers returned disgust at the sight of the cult's actions. As the marines relayed their findings, the reports were quickly interrupted by the roar of gunfire and the guttural screams of madmen.

The cult had spotted the marines and had laid an ambush for them, in an instant hordes of cultists swarmed the marines, armed with autoguns, stubbers and makeshift weaponry.

The Sanguine Redeemers responded with haste, bolter fire ripping apart the cultists. With every bolt loosed from their blessed bolters another heretic would crawl out from amongst the ruins. The marines dispatched the lost souls with ease. But what came next would be a true test of skill and spirit...

From amongst the gore and crumbling hive city walls came forth heretic space marines, flanked by foul creations of the Warp.

Through the smoke came heretical bolts. One... two... the Sanguine Redeemers began to fall to their corrupted cousins. Between every burst of bolter fire the marines had to duck and weave between the hellblades of the Bloodletters that charged forth. Quickly the battle had become a war of endurance. They were outnumbered, and now, outmuscled by the arrival of the heretic astartes and their foul pets.

As their numbers dwindled, one marine would change the tide.

Veristus felt something pulling at his very being as he watched his brothers fall and as he came closer and closer to the warp-spawn. He couldn't describe exactly what he felt, only that he felt some kind of spark within him, a connection to an unseen force. It became apparent that the daemons could sense this force as well. They were cautious, lairy in their approach.

Now reduced to but three brothers, they could feel the end drawing in. Seeing his end approaching Veristus turned his thoughts to his brothers, their bodies lying still by his side. He knew that his brothers died as they lived, serving the Emperor with righteous fury. He felt something pulling at him from within once more, this time the connection seemed more refined. He felt what he could only describe as the Emperor's own fury, coursing through him. Seeing his fallen brothers only strengthened his resolve, made the spark within him grow brighter and more powerful.

Flanked from all sides by the bloodletters, they slashed at the battle brothers, attemtingbto run-through the last of the marines. With a prayer to the Emperor, his fury was realised as a burst of energy, rippled through the air. The unseen force knocked aside the daemons, opening wounds in a few of them.

The battle was not yet over, however, the remaining bloodletters flickered in and out of realspace as they made their final approach. This time it was clear they had a particular hatred for Veristus.

He and his brothers, now renewed a righteous fury charged forth and met the warp-spawn in close combat. Hellblades slashed and swiped, combat blades stabbed and sliced. Letting loose another pulse, the beasts were disorientated once more, allowing the marines to finish them off.

The daemons flickered, banished into the warp, as he now turned his gaze over to the heretic astartes who still stood, he unleashed his wrath upon them. One by one they began to crumble as the force let loose by Versistus punched holes into their armour, blood leaking from their wounds.

The heretics returned fire, but their bolt shells bounced off an invisible barrier of that surrounded Veristus and his remaining brothers.

When it was over, a pile of corpses and power armour had made it clear. They were victorius.

Upon their return to the Chapter's flagship they were celebrated for their bravery and strength.

The Chapter Master, intrigued by Veristus' abilties and wanting to them grow to be better refined as a weapon against the enemies of the Emperor, suggested that Veristus seek out the wisdom of the Codex Astartes. It was now his responsibility to become to first librarian, and to bring into being the Librarius of the Argent Strix.

Upon taking the Chapter Master's advice, Veristus took it upon himself to forge this strange unseen power, to temper his abilities into a weapon against the darkness of the galaxy.

After realising his potential, Veristus would go on to utilise his abilties to sense the presence of warp-related abilties in potential aspirants, he would forge the Librarius from the ground up and lead a new generation of space marines along the path of a Librarian for decades, perhaps centuries, to come.