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Axe-Cop is the fucking greatest thing ever assembled at random by a little kid and his brother. The concept is very simple: a comic whose plot and ideas comes from a 5-year old child, and given the backing of his older brother, a professional artist. The result is a comic series about a cop armed with an axe and his partner a dinosaur soldier as they do cop things and fight crime. There is also a wide variety of equally bizarre sidekicks, such as the superhero Sockarang (who has detachable socks for arms), the world's buffest wish-granting unicorn scientist Uni-man, and Axe Cop's pet T-Rex Wexter who wears sunglasses and has miniguns for arms, and too many others to go into too much detail such as Babyman, Army Chihuahua, Liborg, the Best Fairy Ever, and so many more. A popular feature of the comic is the Q&A, in which Axe Cop answers generally mundane questions from the readers with the most insane and roundabout ways imaginable. Axe Cop has a TV Show based loosely on the various comic stories, voiced by none other than Ron Swanson himself.

It inspired a wealth of Fa/tg/uys creating D20 Modern settings with a similar presence, and the sheer hilarity to be had from the idea has resulted in it being widely accepted as fucking awesome. It is believed that Axe-cop has since become one of the chosen of Khorne, due to his wanton desire to take heads in combat.

He now has an awesome theme song