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Many smiles are good sign. This is a Slaanesh Smile. Slaanesh Smiles are NEVER a good sign.

A forgotten character from Warhammer Fantasy, Azazel was a Daemon Prince from the Unberogen tribe, the same tribe as Sigmar himself. He was rooted out for his Chaos worship by the God Emperorling himself and fled to the Chaos Wastes where he immediately pledged himself to Slaanesh. He fell to the Dark Powers as his brother, a friend of Sigmar, had fallen at the Battle of Astofen after Sigmar asked him to lead volunteers to hold a bridge. After his sister fell in love with Sigmar, Azazel killed her and then got caught. After receiving daemonhood, Azazel commands Slaanesh's forces, and is his top general in times of war.

He was granted the same "look upon him and lose your will forever as the brain-blood forever exists within your genitals" power of Slaanesh. Literally no being (other than Slaanesh and maybe Sigmar) is immune to his appearance, which is both the most beautiful thing you will ever see and at the same time is the most horrifying. His shtick is to get you to look at him, where you (be you mortal or Daemon) get on your knees and beg for a taste of his cock. No, really.

A Questing Knight named Guido de Brionne (poor choice of name on GW's part) sought to kill Azazel to prove himself to the Lady... only to fall to his knees and pledge undying devotion to Azazel when he actually encountered the demon (who promptly chopped de Brionne's head off, with the knight offering no resistance, and probably skullfucked it too). Also a group of Ulric-worshipping knights swore before Ulric's flame to kill the demon or die trying, only to become the demon's mind-broken subs, complete with petplay (this not an exaggeration, this is legitimately canon).

His physical traits include:

  • Hair blacker than anything in the Warp and finer than anything made by the hands of the Elves.
  • Horns more magnificent than any mortal-grown ivory that crown his face like a portrait.
  • Eyes that project innocence no being has ever known while also being as cruel as those of a shark.
  • Perfectly white and delicate skin, to the point of almost non-existence.
  • Perfectly proportioned limbs and features (one of which may be a horsecock).
  • Wings whiter than his skin (somehow).
  • Clothes made of silk finer than-aw, fuck it. It's better than you have, leave it at that.
  • Bling, the kind so expensive they don't exist in real life.
  • A magic sword that shifts form to match his graceful movements and yadda yadda, it's a fucking Hand Weapon, but it ignores armor saves.

Like Amon 'Chakai, he was just the same as his master and thus was completely pointless in the fluff and likely dropped to give Slaanesh more screentime. He was shown as a mortal character named Gerreon in the Sigmar Heldenhammer novel trilogy who betrayed Sigmar to avenge his brother (who was killed by orcs), also killing his own sister (who was betrothed to Sigmar at the time). Also, he did get to appear and talk smack with his old enemy Sigmar in the novel for The End Times: Archaon, but he was promptly killed.

On Tabletop[edit]

Azazel first debuted in the original Champions of Chaos splatbook, which was... what, 3rd edition? There, he had the following stats:

Movement: 6
Weapon Skill: 7
Ballistic Skill: 7
Strength: 6
Toughness: 5
Wounds: 5
Initiative: 9
Attacks: 6 (7)
Leadership: 10
Special Rules: Daemonic Mark of Slaanesh, Wings, Cause Terror, Great Claw (Azazel gains a bonus Attack that is made with +2 Strength and does D3 Wounds on a successful hit), Dark Save (4+ Ward Save), Striking Tail (One model in base contact with Azazel loses 1 attack, replaces the normal Daemonic save)
Daemonic Rewards: These items must be paid for separately to Azazel's base cost of 570 points, and can be taken by other characters.
Temptator: 50 points, choose one model in base contact with Azazel at the start of the Chaos turn; the chosen model must pass a Leadership test or permanently switch allegiance to Azazel's forces.
Master of Sorcery: 100 points, Azazel is a Level 2 Wizard using the Lore of Slaanesh.
Daemonblade: 50 points, Azazel's attacks (save the Great Claw) ignore non-magical armor saves.

He then made it into the pages of Citadel Journal #50 as one of several old-school Chaos characters being revived for 6th edition's Hordes of Chaos army. Here, he had the following stats:

Movement: 6
Weapon Skill: 8
Ballistic Skill: 0
Strength: 5
Toughness: 5
Wounds: 4
Initiative: 9
Attacks: 5
Leadership: 9
Special Rules: Daemonic, Cause Terror, Fly, Unit Strength 3, Mark of Slaanesh, Sorcerer (Level 2 Wizard with Lore of Slaanesh), Temptator (see below)
Magic Items: Daemonblade (ignores armor saves)
Points Cost: 575

Temptator now is used during the Close Combat phase, though it still targets a single model in base contact with Azazel. If they fail a Leadership test, they fall under Chaos control for the duration of the Close Combat phase; if there other enemy units in base contact, it will direct its full attacks against them and cannot be attacked in turn; otherwise, all attacks directed against it by the Chaos side will hit automatically.


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