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Many smiles are good sign. This is a Slaanesh Smile. Slaanesh Smiles are NEVER a good sign.

A forgotten character from Warhammer Fantasy, Azazel was a Daemon Prince from the Gerreon tribe of the Old World (which would eventually come to follow Sigmar and form The Empire). He was rooted out for his Chaos worship by the God Emperorling himself and fled to the Chaos Wastes where he immediately pledged himself to Slaanesh. Azazel commands Slaanesh's forces, and is his general in times of war.

He was granted the same "look upon him and lose your will forever as the brain-blood forever exists within your genitals" power of Slaanesh. Literally no being (other than Slaanesh) is immune to his appearance, which is both the most beautiful thing you will ever see and at the same time is the most horrifying. His shtick is to get you to look at him, where you (be you mortal or Daemon) get on your knees and beg for a taste of his cock. No, really. Looking at him has made demigods just give up and get on their knees swearing their loyalty to him, whereupon he chops their head off and likely skullfucks the head.

His physical traits include:

  • Hair blacker than anything in the Warp and finer than anything made by the hands of the Elves.
  • Horns more magnificent than any mortal-grown ivory that crown his face like a portrait.
  • Eyes that project innocence no being has ever known while also being as cruel as those of a shark.
  • Perfectly white and delicate skin, to the point of almost non-existence.
  • Perfectly proportioned limbs and features (one of which may be a horsecock).
  • Wings whiter than his skin (somehow).
  • Clothes made of silk finer than-aw, fuck it. It's better than you have, leave it at that.
  • Bling, the kind so expensive they don't exist in real life.
  • A magic sword that shifts form to match his graceful movements and yadda yadda, it's a fucking Hand Weapon.

Like Amon 'Chakai, he was just the same as his master and thus was completely pointless in the fluff and likely dropped to give Slaanesh more screentime. He was shown as a mortal character in the Sigmar Heldenhammer novel trilogy. Also, he did get to appear and talk smack with his old enemy Sigmar in the novel for The End Times: Archaon, but he was promptly killed.

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