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"Yer rich! Yer flashy! Yer got a proppa Orky stoutness about yer belly and yer got more big, shooty, and ded 'ard gear 'dan any udder two Orks put togevvur. Now tell me 'dat ain't 'da life."

– Blazarg Gilttoof, Bad Moons Flash Git

The Bad Moons are an Ork Clan that lives large and thinks larger. They're flashy, they're ostentatious, and they're better than any other ork clan at drowning their enemy in Dakka.

Overview and Traditions[edit]

The Bad Moons are a unique clan amongst Orks for a simple reason; their Teef grow faster and fall out easier than any other group. Given that Teef is the ork currency, this particular adaptation or mutation (depending on which Runtherd you ask) has resulted in the Bad Moons being the single richest clan by a lightyear. So consistent and fast growing are Bad Moon teef that even the lowliest boy in a Bad Moon camp is on average probably richer than a Deathskull or Goff Nob. Of course, all that wealth means nothing if you can't flaunt it, and the Bad Moons are just crawling with Flash Gitz or Flash Gitz-curious Orks, full of arrogant, haughty merchant types who'll happily get a warband all the best scrap and shootas money can buy, so long as they have the teef for it — or even better, gold. The Bad Moons fucking LOVE gold, a metal otherwise completely useless to other Orks, who will happily trade it for teef or something else they need at the moment. Their obnoxious and ostentatious demeanor also ensures that they're usually targets for other Orks; in the best of cases to quickly get some the nicest stuff Orks can get their hands on, and in the worst cases, to go beat up, since other Orks believe that they're easy pickings due to their behavior or just because they want more Teef. Many a warboss has had a group of Bad Moons he can consult with and/or smack around for logistical advice, or at the very least some extra funds.

But assuming that they're the closest thing Orks have to useless prissy nobles is a decision you make at your own peril, as the Bad Moons do use all that wealth on the things Orks love best: Big armor, powerful Choppas, and most famously, the loudest, shootiest Shootas. Bad Moons are armed to their rapidly growing teef, usually punctuated in bright golds (if it isn't made of gold itself), and are famed for their ability to get as close as possible to "Just Enuff Dakka", as their default tactic is usually to just perforate any hapless army they run into by putting more bullets, plasma bolts, and rocket shells into the air than individual nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere.

On the Tabletop[edit]

THE shooty Ork Clan, and arguably the closest Orks have to meta relevancy. In 8th Edition, the Clan Kultur lets you re-roll 1's in shooting, the relic is a Shoota for shooty support characters, and the Stratagem allows Infantry to shoot again. The rest is pretty fine, their psychic power is fairly situational and otherwise useless to the goal of shooting, and their warlord trait adds a 4++ invulnerable save to your warboss, turning them into a discount Ghazghkull, or your Big Mek into an absolute bastard. But in general, any prospective Bad Moons player should consider buying dice in bulk for use in the shooting phase exclusively.

In 9th Edition Bad Moons gain 6" range to all Dakka and Heavy weapons, and gain an additional -1 AP to all shooting hits when a 6 is rolled to wound. The Bad Moon stratagem allows them to score additional shooting hits when rolling a 6 to hit. The Warlord trait now gives a 4+ invuln and a +1 bonus to regular armor saves. Finally the Relic is a 12" range S5 AP -1 Heavy weapon that does 2d6 auto-hits (don't forget to stack the Bad Moons clan traits on top of this).

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