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This article is about something that is considered by the overpowering majority of /tg/ to be fail.
Expect huge amounts of derp and rage, punctuated by /tg/ extracting humor from it.
Me Bale hate kowtowing

Lord Bale AKA Lord Fail (also known as 'Dinobot Reincarnated as a Chaos Marine'), is a Chaos Lord devoted to Nurgle featured in the original Dawn of War where he led the Alpha Legion (even though he was actually a Night Lord) on Tartarus along with the sorcerer SSSIIIIINNNDDDRRRIIII Myr in a quest to claim a daemonic artifact called the Maledictum. Clearly just a pawn for the real mastermind, he was double-crossed by SSSIIIIINNNDDDRRRIIII as he placed him a sacrifice. He was known for his snarling dialect, the original lulzy Chaos Lord and his legendary statement: SSSIIIINNNDDDRRRIIII!. He says this particular line after being double-crossed by SSSSSIIIINNNDDRRRIIIII and about to be killed by the Blood Ravens. As of now, the proper way of pronuncing Sindri's name will always be SSSSSIIIINNNDDRRRIIIII. Bale's awkward social graces aren't saved any by the hilariously disgusting snort he starts (or ends, or interrupts) his sentences with, which brings into question just how much crack-cocaine he downs to stay so youthfully retarded.

The crowling/snorting may or may not imply that Bale is actually a Man Of Iron from long before the Age of Terra.

The Scene[edit]


Other Things Lord Bale Hates[edit]

Lord Bale is also known to hate a few other things other than SSSSSIIIINNNDDRRRIIIII and the standard "anything non-chaos" things:

  • Assurances that leave him cold.
  • People that personally brings him ill news.
  • Kowtowing with certain creatures.
  • Delays (*Disgusting snort* "THIS DELAY!")
  • People or xenos who are not Chaos.
    • Like You.
  • Metal Bawkses, probably.
  • providence
  • sneaky subordinates turning into daemon princes
  • multiple squads of terminators and multiple land raiders ruining your day in the most BROKEN way imaginable
  • meddling eldar
  • sabertooth(just something about his voice isnt it?)
  • blood magpies
  • obliterator nerfs
  • sly marbo
  • matt ward
  • a lack of terminator support when dealing with 3 fucking armies!
  • marines malevolent
  • winter assaults borked installation re spooge driver
  • not being in winter assault
  • fighting necrons on primarch mode in dark crusade
  • vance motherfucking stubbs

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