Barons of Madness

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Barons of Madness
Barons of Madness Emblem.jpg
Battle Cry "His voice demands it!"
Number Unknown
Founding 32nd Millennium
Successors of Raven Guard
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Atellus the Magnificent
Primarch Corax
Homeworld Unknown
Strength ~1250
Allegiance Chaos: Khorne, Slaanesh
Colours Teal, Purple, and Red
Barons of Madness Chaos Space Marine in the Legion's colors.

The Barons of Madness are a project of a fa/tg/uy. They are a work in progress and still in the beginning stages of creation.

Legion Summary[edit]

The Barons of Madness (occasionally referred to as Khorne's Jesters by fellow Chaos worshipers) began as members of two Companies of Raven Guard Space Marines who had half of the Companies sucked into the Warp during a battle against the Thousand Sons when a Sorcerer opened up a warp gate right on top of the loyalist marines in hopes of wiping them out before being overwhelmed. The Space Marines thrown into the Warp, about fifty strong, became mentally sick, developing schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, megalomania, and psychosis, along with the physical mutations caused by prolonged exposure to the Warp. The Chaos god, Khorne, took advantage of the Raven Guard Space Marines and twisted their minds to cause them to believe that he himself was the Emperor of Mankind and began using their delusions as false visions to bend them to his will. Over time, he realized that the Space Marines were already driven well over the edge of sanity and revealed himself to them with his true name, as expected, it changed nothing but the name of the voice that they followed and the former Raven Guard Space Marines were renamed to the Barons of Madness. One among them, an egotistical megalomaniac who was severely mutated by the Warp and had become infamous for rallying the other Chaos Space Marines to his cause with visions of grandeur and untold amounts of power and glory named Atellus the Magnificent, was blessed by Khorne and given rule over the Barons of Madness as long as he would give a befitting sacrifice of blood with the gift Khorne had given him, meanwhile Slaanesh whispered his own promises of wealth and pleasure in Atellus' ear causing his loyalty to be put in question in whether he even served the Chaos gods or only his own vices. To keep Atellus' loyalty (or at least make sure the blood kept flowing), Khorne sought out the marine among them that held a loyalty to Khorne even before being sucked into the warp named Drustos, and began to through him to retain his authority over the Barons of Madness in the case that Atellus attempted to change loyalties or break his pact with Khorne. Despite Khorne's overwhelming influence over the fallen marines, Slaanesh has also gained a foothold within the legion by mixing his voice in with that of Khorne's, promising wealth and pleasure to his servants and has made his champion among the legion, Dariel the Vain, his voice at Atellus' side and among the insane. Over the past millenniums, the Barons of Madness have grown in number by the hundreds, now pushing around twelve-hundred strong and continuously grow through the introduction of captured slaves and the mentally insane, including that of other Space Marines who have succumbed to the madness of the Warp.

Legion Details[edit]

Original Chapter 
Raven Guard (3rd and 4th Companies)
Legion Commander 
Atellus the Magnificent
Legion Second-In-Command 
Drustos, The Voice of Khorne
Dariel the Vain
Legion's Allegiance 
The Voice (Khorne or Slaanesh)
Level of Devotion 
Constantly Changing
Legion's Belief 
To appease the voices within their heads along with their own personal lusts
Combat Doctrine 
Relentless Assault - The legion charges in with almost suicidal tendencies and firing weapons along the way until they can meet the enemy in close combat
Legion Battle-cry 
"His voice demands it!"
Unique Legion Qualities 
- Heavily Mutated
- Mentally Insane
- Most former Raven Guard retain Mk VI Helmets


Khorne's loyal Blood Jester in his own unique colors.
Despite the legion owing loyalty to Khorne, Slaanesh's Doom Shriekers boldly wear their own colors to show their true loyalty.
Unique Legion Abilities 
"Blinded with Madness" : During each Assault and Shooting phase, the player has the choice to roll one d6 for a chance to receive double the attacks for all units during a single phase. A d6 resulting in a 1-3 causes all units to open fire on friendly units instead while a d6 resulting in a 4-6 grants a second attack for all of the player's units during the phase it is rolled for.
Special Characters and Abilities 
Atellus the Magnificent 
"Visions of Glory" :
"Visions of Pleasure" :
Drustos, The Voice of Khorne 
"Blood Symphony" :
Cromwell, The Broken Angel 
"Consume" :
Dariel the Vain 
"Whispers of Vanity" :
Unique Units and Abilities 
Blood Jesters 
"Khorne's Voice Demands It" :
Doom Shriekers 
"Slaanesh's Promise" :


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