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What was on the other side of Willy Wonka's Tunnel of Terror.

The Bathamor is a Daemon World found only in the Maelstrom. During Robot Gullytan's merry pilgrimage to Terra following his resurrection, his forces encountered the planet's local wildlife.


The Imperium discovered the planet when the name of this cursed world leapt into the mind of every psyker in the fleet, repeating over and over until Big Blue finally got annoyed by the chanting. Just As Planned. As a planet of Tzeentch, auspex scans revealed an infernal world of kaleidoscopic crystal jungles, laced through by glimmering rivers of fire.

Vox signatures also showed a certain two-headed bird. Wanting to go kick some ass and capture renegades which could help the loyalists to escape from the warped realm, the Imperials sweeped down from on high, the Imperial armies slammed into the crystal jungles amidst explosions of jagged shards. Advancing upon the greatest concentration of energy signatures, the loyalist forces were quickly swamped Tzeentchian Daemons attacked from all sides.

As the world rained down fire and the crystal trees detonated like huge fragmentation bombs, in a direct attempt to fuck with the giant Blue Wonder. Roboute finally met the overgrown mutant chicken, who than mocked Guilliman, before he made the birdboi BTFO from the planet.

Guilliman and friends promptly left another Maelstrom planet, again.

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