Battle Sister Squad

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Fig 1. Your typical Bolter Bitch. Nice body. Terrible attitude.

AKA your vanilla Sisters of Battle, these are the ones you most likely envision whenever you hear the words, Nuns with Guns or Bolter Bitches. Akin to a Space Marine Tactical Squad, the Battle Sister Squad are the primary troops used by the Adepta Sororitas.


Battle Sister Squads are the main unit for the SoBs. Thus you must treat them almost the same way as you treat Tactical Marines; a flexible force that can hold their ground in both CQC and heavy fire support. Well, in theory. In practice they're normal humans with Strength 3, Toughness 3, and were originally Initiative 3 too, but still rock Sisters of Battle Armour with cheap access to special weapons, making them more ranged focused than their Astartes brothers.

Battle Sisters are orphans of the Imperial servants who have given their lives in the service of the Imperium. While being raised within the Schola Progenia they receive a strong Ecclesiarchal upbringing and education, coming to regard the Emperor as their spiritual father (boys get a similar education and become Commissars). Progena recruited into the Sisterhood are indoctrinated even further into the Imperial Cult, becoming even more fiercely devoted to the Emperor and the Imperial cause. Their duty as part of the Sisterhood is to ensure and enforce the physical and spiritual purity of humanity and the departments of the Adeptus Terra. As they frequently share the same role as the Ordo Hereticus, Battle Sisters often form a major part of Ordo Hereticus forces as well.

Being a flexible armed force, the Battle Sisters are typically armed with the Godwyn-De'az Pattern Boltguns, though others frequently carry Bolt Pistols and close combat weapons such as Chainswords. For personal protection, Battle Sisters wear specialized Power Armour. Battle Sisters who carry heavy weaponry are called Retributors. Battle Sisters should not be confused with those within the Dominion Squad as although they may look similar, Dominions have a completely different purpose and usage than normal Battle Sisters.

Forces of the Sisters of Battle
Command: Triumph of Saint Katherine - Canoness
Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave - Imagifier
Ministorum Priest - Palatine - Dogmata
Sororitas Command Squad
Troops: Avenging Angel - Arco-flagellant - Battle Sister Squad
Celestians - Crusaders - Death Cult Assassin
Dominion Squad - Novitiate Squad - Retributor Squad
Seraphim Squad - Sisters Repentia - Zephyrim Squad
Vehicles: Castigator Tank - Exorcist - Immolator
Paragon Warsuit - Penitent Engine
Repressor - Rhino - Mortifier
Special Vehicles: Pulpit of Saint Holline's Basilica
Mobile Cathedral
Flyers: Avenger Strike Fighter
Spacecraft: Aquila Lander - Drop Pod
Saints: Living Saint - Geminae Superia
Non Militant: Orders Dialogous - Orders Famulous - Orders Hospitaler
Orders Pronatus - Hagiolater
Allies: Black Templars