Battle of Harmony

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The Battle of Harmony
Abaddon Talon of Horus.jpg
Date Unknown, lest you take the words of HERESY at face value, best estimates at several decades after Great Scouring
Scale Planetary
Theatre Eye of Terror Legion Wars
Status Major victory for the Black Legion
Black Legion & allies Emperor's Children
Commanders and Leaders
Ezekyle Abaddon
Iskandar Khayon
Fabius Bile
30 former Sons of Horus
104 Rubric Marines
6 World Eaters
2 Cruisers
Roughly twenty times as many Emperor's Children
Fabius' clone of Horus
Low High
The Emperor's Children were scattered.
Abaddon cemented his status as leader of the newly formed Black Legion.
Bile's clone of Horus killed.

The Battle of Harmony was the first battle the newly formed Black Legion fought, under the command of Ezekyle Abaddon. Harmony contained the Canticle City, which was the largest base for the Emperor's Children, and it was here that Fabius Bile took Horus's body to be cloned.

The Black Legion opened the battle in spectacular fashion by psychically dropping an entire battle cruiser on the Canticle City, courtesy of Abaddon's Thousand Sons sorcerers. After scattering the Emperor's Children fleet with the Vengeful Spirit, Abaddon and his men boarded Bile's ship and destroyed the Primarch cloning project. An irritated Bile unleashed his perfected clone of Horus against the Black Legionnaires, who cut a bloody swathe through Abaddon's forces before the latter killed him with the Talon of Horus.

What little power the Emperor's Children retained after the Battle of Skalathrax was destroyed here, and they have never regained their former strength. Harmony continued to be occupied, albeit in a diminished capacity, and was used as the meeting place for the Phoenix Brotherhood, the remaining unified commanders of the legion but in reality just Eidolon's posse. Fabius's labs on the planet were almost completely destroyed and much of his work lost. His geneforged slaves continued to try and maintain his facilities to little effect, save for keeping one very special clone alive..