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Movement powers can sure be handy.
4E Battlemind, so smart he has a halo!

The Battlemind is a warrior who blends physical prowess with psionic powers in order to kick ass and chew bubble gum, the latter of which he may or may not be out of. Also known as the Fightbrain, Carnagebellum, and Sloggernoggin, paradoxical names used to mock Wizards' dubious naming conventions (although the term Battlemind has been around since 2e, it's not like that will stop anyone).

d20 Modern[edit]

d20 Modern used the name, but with a space, for a blend of Psychic Warrior and Soulknife. Generally they are considered a great advanced class, since in that system full BAB and magic items are rare, hiding weapons is an actual concern, and any casting like ability at all is a massive boon. As far as Psionic Gish are concerned. Look no further, ESPECIALLY not the Mesmerist.

Dungeons & Dragons: Fourth Edition[edit]

The Battlemind is standard where D&D psionic characters are concerned; they're melee combatants that have honed their mind as much as their body to tap into their psionic powers and use them in combat to their advantage. Generally, Battleminds consider themselves to be the ultimate warriors, laughing at puny fighters who master silly "weapons" or Wardens who grow flowers on their foes to death. And don't get them started on Paladins!

Mechanically, Battleminds are the undisputed best Defender class available in 4E. While most Defenders can mark their opponents and hinder their ability to attack their allies, Battleminds liberally punish their foes, and themselves are generally impervious to damage. This is due to the fact that their mark mechanic, Battlemind's Demand, doesn't just penalize them -2 for attacking allies; it also enables them the ability to use the Mind Spike power as an immediate reaction should the foe hit. So while many defenders may try to cushion the blows or prevent them from hitting their allies altogether, Battleminds simply return all the damage dealt back to the attacker. This, paired with their various powers that grant them Resist All towards damage, and the Iron Guardian Paragon Path that makes them further impervious to harm so long as they don't attack. Adding in some methods to power up Mind Spike, they can pretty much turn themselves invincible and attack enemies through their own damage when they harm the Battlemind's allies. In short, don't fuck with Battleminds.

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