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>decide to play some 40k
>walk two hours to the nearest shop
>finally get there and drop all my models, which I carried by hand, onto the table
>ask if someone wants to play while I bring out my list, which I made as a fresco on canvas
>some newfag at the shop shows up, he's playing Tau
>fucking Tau
>decide to tailor my list while he's setting up, try to discretely bring out the white oil to erase part of my list while I mix together some fresh tempera to write it in
>he's already done with his first turn and lunch by the time I'm finished writing it all in, now it's my turn
>I use a rope marked with knots to measure out my movement
>Range is decided by measuring two shadows at different times of the day
>just before I roll to hit, the fucking Tau player asks me to double check the gear on my guys
>say sure through gritted teeth, whip out the Eldar codex
>and the Dark Eldar codex
>also Harlequins
>plus the Forge World datasheet
>I'm allying a Riptide Wing and get forgot his Tau codex so I take that out too
>I'm halfway through flipping to my entry in Gathering Storm II when the Tau player stops me
>He already had put my list into Battlescribe and checked it himself seconds after we had set up
>I angrily put all my codexes back into my sheepskin satchel before resuming
FUCKING list builderfags, Battlescribe needs to be fucking banned from events. I'm tired of playing games against people who need their hand held through the list-building process.

In all seriousness Battlescribe is basically a list building program similar to Army Builder. Unlike Army Builder, Battlescribe is free and on most platforms, meaning everyone can use the program from cellphone users to that guy that brings a laptop. The catch, well you need to find that data for the different games. The company does not offer any of the data files for the different games meaning you will have to look around for the files for your game (which lets be real will probably be WH40k). Also, those same files are at the mercy of the community since they are usually updated by individuals rather than dedicated groups. Usually this is not a problem. Usually.

Overall, a good program for those who don't want to pen and paper for their list building. Get it here. Rumors are that it will not be viable future editions, as GW has sent the a Cease and Desist order (did not actually happen, Spikey Bits isn’t news). Only time will tell how things will turn out.