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Battlescrolls are an army building option added to Warhammer Fantasy in the 2013 Advent Calendar event. Each had an accompanying boxed set (BUY OUR STUFF!) that contained everything needed to field.

The Battlescrolls functioned like Formations in Warhammer 40000.

Initially it was believed these would be like a return to Dogs Of War, but no more were made and Games Workshop went forward with plans to kill the game and setting.

Not to be confused with "Battletome" and "Warscroll", the AoS equivalent.


  • Models are the same as their Army Book equivalent unless they have additional special rules. If it has special additional rules, those rules only apply to models from the Formation rather than those pulled from the Army Book.
  • Formation Models are treated as an Allied Army under control of the same player.
  • Formations don't count against the allowance of Lords/Heroes/Special/Rare allowed, and do not provide Core. They do still count as points spent in the army however. If a player fields an army made up exclusively of Formations, they do not need to spend any points on Core and if their Formations do not have Characters, they do not need a General (the only Battlescroll that this applies to is CotCW, leading some to wonder if more were originally planned).