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Crypt Scavengers is a Battlescroll for Warhammer Fantasy, allowing a player of any army in the game to take a small force of Ghouls and a Necromancer from the Vampire Counts army, plus a Garden of Morr for scenery. The Battlescroll contains all stats and rules needed, so players of other armies don't need to buy a Vampire Counts army book.


Crypt Scavengers is the force of Undead that gather corpses for the army of a powerful Necromancer or a Vampire. Gardens Of Morr are important cemeteries protected by the priests of the human death god Morr, and contain a higher class of corpse than the ordinary boneyard, with magic trinkets and armor buried with them. GoM are full of magic wards and Empire Night Watchmen that deter the weaker minions of the undead, but by using a Crypt Horror-a Ghoul that has been fed blood of a Vampire which hulks them out but reduces their lifespan-to destroy the wards, lesser Ghouls can take care of the living defenders while the Necromancer raises the bodies. The following are provided examples of the CS Battlescroll in lore.

  • An unknown force of Ghouls and a Horror attack a Night Watch lead by a man named Valik. Fate unknown.
  • 2059-2063 the first Crypt Scavenger army is formed by the Necromancer Hessel The Vanquisher. He's eventually killed by Kislevites. Hessel encourages the living defenders of the Gardens he attacks to surrender as trying to fight his Ghouls will result in them being trapped in partially-eaten corpses forever.
  • 2212 a Vampire named Auvrel Blakeep in Stirland breaks into a Garden to reanimated The Order Of The Raven knights killed by the Yellow Plague. The graves were empty, and the undead army simply vanishes from history (most likely killed in a trap by the still-living Raven Knights).
  • 2245 the Morr priesthood in Wissenland empty the graves of their Garden and place traps triggered by Death magic in them, which imprison the Necromancer Bogdan Mallesh and his army inside forever.
  • 2380 the Necromancer Fenryl Xandu breaks into almost all of the Gardens in the southern Empire. Not only that, but he leaves behind a spell in each that will reanimate all of the corpses in reclaimed Gardens next Geheimnisnacht to attack the living in a zombie apocalypse, which is known afterwards as the Year Of The Dead.
  • 2450 the Vampire Vikkir Rakkash marauds the countryside of Kislev, leading Captain Bulkar to muster an army to put a stop to it. Bulkar and his forces face their own families from the razed Gardens including Bulkar's brother. This surprise causes a loss of morale which leads to their defeat, doubling the strength of Rakkash's army.


Crypt Scavengers consists of one Necromancer, one Unit of Crypt Horrors, one Unit of Crypt Ghouls consisting of at least twenty models, and one Garden Of Morr.

Garden Of Morr: Gardens Of Morr are placed before the battle and before any Units are deployed, entirely in the Deployment Zone of the controlling player. Terrain may be shifted away from the Deployment Zone to fit the Garden, and if there isn't enough room or if the controlling player doesn't have a Deployment Zone the Garden is not used in the game. Vampire Counts armies using Crypt Scavengers get two Gardens Of Morr instead of one, and they have the following rules.

  • Domain Of The Dead: All Units within 6 inches of the Garden that do not have Undead or Nehekharan Undead have -1 Leadership, and Units that do have one of those rules have Regeneration (6+).
  • Fresh Corpses To Eat: All Crypt Horrors, Varghulfs, Terrorgheists, and Strigoi Ghoul Kings within 6 inches of any part of a Garden reroll failed Regeneration Rolls. This works for enemies as well.
  • Heavy With Death: All Wizards within 6 inches of any part of a Garden with spells from the Lore Of Death or Lore Of Vampires roll an additional 2D6 on Channeling.

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