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Restless Dead is a Battlescroll for Warhammer Fantasy, allowing a player of any army in the game to take a small force of Spooky Skeletons from the Vampire Counts army. The Battlescroll contains all stats and rules needed, so players of other armies don't need to buy a Vampire Counts army book.


Two specific pieces of lore are mentioned for the Restless Dead as examples.

In the first, a Bretonnian Lord of Mousillion named Pitre Fonce has become a Necromancer and raised his ancestors in what his peasants call the "Nightguard" lead by a Wight King called "The Black Duke" from the Grimnoire Barrows. They march every night to kill his rivals and anyone who tries to stop them, ignoring all others.

The second, Mannfred von Carstein posed as a nobleman to befriend a collector of books from Altdorf named Gustav Krecher. After the nobleman declined to share his entire collection with Mannfred, the Mannlet became personally insulted and sent an army to kill every man, woman, and child in his keep. The book he was searching for wasn't there, so Mannfred contented himself at having killed an imagined foe.

Thus the general theme of Restless Dead is a force of undead sent by your army leader or patron for revenge and/or gain.


Restless Dead consists of one Wight King, one or two Units of Black Knights, one or two Units of Grave Guard, and one to four Units of Skeleton Warriors that consist of at least 20 Skeleton Warriors each.

Death Mission: After both armies deploy, the Restless Dead choose an enemy Unit or a piece of Terrain in their deployment area. Any Restless Dead within 12 centimeters of it suffer one less Wound from Unstable and Crumble.

Master Of Undeath: The Wight King and all Units from his Restless Dead within 12 inches can March as if he was the General. This stops working if he is killed.

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