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Look at this fucking armour. You know you want it. (Not even the toilet seat painted on it will discourage you).

Popular name for Space Marines (and the Orks' term for them as well), derived from the helmet shapes of Mk. VI 'Corvus' powered armour, an earlier pattern of Space Marine armour. Looked like KNIGHTS IN SPAAAAACE. Now they look like Stormtroopers on steroids. The Raven Guard has more of this pattern of armor than any other chapter, due to genetic similarities to those feathery beasts.

Also known as Womble-Marines after their striking similarity to a popular British Television show of old... #Making good use of the things that we find... *BLAM* Only the marines in fact occupied a small patch of grass, just down from Chewton Street Hilltop, Eastwood, United Kingdom amidst the white dog turds and bottles of White Lightning Cider until ~1998 when Games Workshop moved it's HQ to Lenton... It is believed this small patch of Eastwood green may have been the inspiration for the Rynn's World Campaign of the Crimson Fists... Nearby Coronation Park was the most likely origin of the Ork Waagh! Being a land of mushrooms and stoned skater kids.

Actually a result of games workshops' shitty molding skills in the early days and later attempts to retcon old models into being acceptable.

There are some Space Marine units that apparently only use beakie helmets: Ravenwing Black Knights and Command Squad from the Dark Angels, the Consecrators have full companies worth of them, and Mor Deythan from the Raven Guard (at least during the Horus Heresy).

Recently, Forge World actually put out a line of the old pre-Heresy armors, including the Corvus (Beakie) Pattern, and even older armors as well. This is far more awesome than it sounds, and the line comes with weapons accurately modeled to old Rogue Trader illustrations. You know those old, crappy show models you keep on your shelf to prove your Neckbeard superiority? Well, now you can actually get good versions of them, that you aren't pants-wettingly scared to play with.

Geedubs has put out a 30th anniversary Beakie mini! It also costs $30. That's a lot for just one limited-run mini, though it also comes with 40k rules for the marine and his fancy disintegration weapons, as well as (according to the video) Index Astartes: Apocrypha, which has stuff like the evolution of the Space Marines and power armor since Rogue Trader, early uniform guides, old school Horus Heresy stories, vehicles artwork, and stuff generally relevant to OLD SCHOOL ROLEPLAYING!

Looks like Cawl has decided that giving his Primaris Marines some chapter personality with Primaris Beakies for the Raven Guard.

Beakies are now being mass produced in plastic for the new edition of the Horus Heresy tabletop, further confirming their superiority. This has caused much skub however, as the fans are split between Grognards who seethe at the Corvus rarity being kinda retconned, the fanboys who get hyped at every release made by GeeDubs, and people who are just glad to see the Heresy getting some attention.

A Comparison[edit]

For comparison's sake, let's pit the Beakies up against modern day Space Marines.

  • Beakies...
    • Have dicks that work.
    • Are badass space cops.
    • Get shit done.
    • Are not afraid to choke a bitch.
    • Betrayed the Emperor! Wat Oh please, like the Horus Heresy was perpetrated by Guardsmen.
    • Armor was apparently shit, judging by the picture.

Was there ever any contest?