Beast Snagga

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Out of de way ye git! I got some big kritters to kill! WAAAAAGH!!!

Beast Snaggas are a type of Ork sub-kulture, akin to the Feral Orks equivalent of the Speed Freeks in terms of behaviour.


They are essentially a bunch of Ork mongolians who disdain vehicles and prefer riding on top of Squigs instead. They aim to hunt the largest creatures and machines, ranging from tanks and monsters to even Titans. They come predominantly from the Snakebites Clan, due to their appreciation for "da old wayz", and their disregard for more complex technology (although they don't go full Feral Ork, as seen by their widespread use of Cybork limbs due to squig-related injuries), although they can be found across the entire spectrum of Ork society.

Due to the fact they spend their entire lives living like Conan the Barbarian if he ate too much spinach, Beast Snaggas grow quite big and thicc. Though not on the same scale as a Nob, it is still noticable by Ork standards. Beast Snaggas Gretchin are affectionately dubbed saddlegitz, and are a smidge braver than most members of their species.

Unit Type[edit]

There are currently a several types of Beast Snaggas released. These are:

In addition they also come with the following special character:

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