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Orkish Sylvester Stallone. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Beast Snagga Boyz are a special type of Ork Boy belonging to the Beast Snagga sub-kultur. They are the most common type of Beast Snagga.

Where many Beast Snaggas ride into battle atop Squig-Hogz or other squig-beasts, Beast Snagga Boyz prefer to fight on their own two feet. A lifetime of hunting dangerous beasts has made them larger and stronger than most Boyz, though they're still not quite as tough as a Nob. However, their strength makes them especially prone to lording it over the Boyz they fight alongside.

Beast Snagga Boyz usually carry a Slugga and a Choppa as their go-to weapons. However, some may opt for a Thump Gun if they want to pursue a lifetime of blowing shit up, Michael Bay style. Each mob is led by a Beast Snagga Nob, who is equipped with a slugga and a Power Snappa (which is a melee weapon that falls roughly between a Big Choppa and a Power Klaw in killiness).

Tl;dr: Beast Snagga Boyz are, for all intents and purposes, the Ork equivalent of the Catachan Jungle Fighters. We are not sure whether to shit our pants in fear or cream our pants in awe.


Crunchwise, these new Orkz cost 2 points more than regular boyz due to the boosts that Beast Snaggas receive (STR 5, a 6+ Invuln, and +1 to hit monsters and vehicles). There are also some Beast-Snagga-specific Codex tricks such as the Monster Hunterz stratagem that gives a +1 to wound against monsters and vehicles.

As you're probably noticed, Beast Snagga Boys don't have a lot of ranged firepower except for their Thump Guns. That being said, the thump gun does grant a pretty fierce profile with Assault D3, S6, AP-1, D3 wounds, Blast. Unfortunately, you can only take one of these for every 10 boys, and Beast Snagga mobs are limited to 20 boys max.

Protip: don't forget that the Beast Snagga ability grants a +1 to hit vs monsters and vehicles with all weapons, not just melee! So be sure to milk as much out of those pistols and thump guns as you can before you set about to hacking the enemy apart (and this applies for all other Beast Snagga units as well).

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