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Over the millennia since Commorragh's founding its sand-filled arenas have drunk the blood of millions Billions! MOTHERFUCKIN' TRILLIONS! Most of which is due to the gladiatorial arena which is filled with dangerous beasts and psychotic, scantily clad ladies. These are the guys who just so happen to be the ones supplying the arenas with these deadly little critters.


Beastmasters are the Dark Eldar responsible in unleashing all the beasts in the battlefield. On their off times, they provide the animals necessary for the gladiatorial battles. Although the Beastmasters are part of the Wych Cults, they keep themselves distant from the Wyches and are also predominantly male, unlike the mostly female Wyches. When accompanying a realspace raid, the Beastmasters will hover over the battlefield, goading their ferocious beasts to rend and maim anything nearby.

Some suspect that Beastmasters have roots in shamanic traditions, as when entering battle they adorn themselves in totems and masks that echo the beasts under their control. In fact, their masks contain complex sonic emitters and pheromone traps that can partially control the beasts, although all Beastmasters, even unmasked, have a natural ability to dominate lower creatures. They are also contenders as having the biggest balls in Commorragh as not only do they need to tame these deadly animals, but some are from the Warp and thus, they need to risk their entire soul just to bait some Warp critters.

Other than taming the more common beasts used in battle, Beastmasters also tame Barghesi which are hyper-violent aliens (which Iron Lords are wary against), Helspiders which are giant spiders with a blade on each leg tip and the Megasaur which is a fucking dinosaur if you didn't already guessed its name already.

The Beastmaster stands firmly on a skyboard, a beautifully curved craft that features weapons as well as an array of skulls. The Beastmaster themselves are garbed in relatively little, only a few leather straps, chains, vials and gloves, whilst displaying his tightly muscled torso on which you could paint all manner of markings. In one hand he carries an ornate and powerful whip which looks kind of like a Agoniser, although it is not clearly stated. See also the Pursuer Cadre.

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