Bedroom Infiltration

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Written by Edinbro, this story masterfully links the three biggest piles of heresy involving /tg/'s favorite Eldar family.

Main Story[edit]

It had been a long day. Taldeer often found that the fools on the Council always insisted on using the greatest possible force at the smallest possible slight, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the humans would mount a reprisal: even if it was over an inconsequential system, they still had their pride. That was how they worked. Of course, most Eldar were too busy looking down on her selection of partners to acknowledge that her views had merit, though Eldrad seemed tickled at the idea of a mon'keigh son-in-law.

The warlock at her side guided her back towards her home: somewhat patronizing of the Council to assign her such an escort, as she could have found her way back on her own. Even worse than the grief they had given her after that so-called "Star Child” incident. But it allowed her to mull things over in her head, alone in the darkness that surrounded her, until they arrived and the warlock silently took his leave.

“I have attempted to prepare a local delicacy,” LIIVI offered as Taldeer stepped through the door. A familiar smell, a childhood memory half-forgotten and buried beneath more practical concerns and centuries of experience, told her that he had gotten her mother's stew right. She felt his strong arms wrap around her, and his lips met her own in a brief kiss... one which she stubbornly refused to return. She heard him step away, and silently cursed herself for taking her frustration out on LIIVI, especially when he had been handling her disability with such understanding and poise. He had taken to domestic duties with surprising zeal... was it another mission to him, or was it merely the cold efficiency of a born assassin in service of a warmer heart? “Is the Primary Asset upset?” he asked, the vaguest note of concern evident in his usually monotone voice.

“Yes,” the Farseer admitted before swooping in to deliver a kiss to where she though his cheek was... and accidentally planting it on his neck. No matter. “The Council refused yet again to see reason. I fear many will die needlessly, both eldar and human.”

“I have prepared stew,” LIIVI repeated, attempting to guide his eldar wife to the dinner table.

“... that's not what I want right now,” she whispered. “That's not what I NEED right now...”

“Mother never lets me do anything fun,” Lofn muttered as she turned a single seer stone end over end with her mind.

She had “infiltrated” her parents' room while LIIVI was busy with some delicious-smelling stew or other and gotten a hold of the stones... his fault really for teaching her to be so sneaky. Normally she wasn't allowed here – her father kept his Exitus rifle on a special workbench, and her mother's spear and shuriken weapon were here as well on their own shelves. Since they carried them on a regular basis, they found it easier to forbid her to enter their room unattended than to lock them up properly. Lofn was old enough not to accidentally shoot herself now, and had no interest in playing with such deadly tools, but still the prohibition remained.

But right now, the young half-eldar's thoughts were mainly focused on the stone. “Why can't I understand these stupid things?” she hissed, thoroughly vexed by the glowing object. “I learned to shoot father's rifle easily enough, even if I'm not very good at it yet... why can't I learn this too?”

A smirk crept across her face. “If Auntie Macha hadn't run off last week, maybe she could have explained it to me...” Luckily for Lofn, her focus on the stone had slipped to the point she heard footfalls coming up the stairs towards the bedrooms. With a brief moment's panic that caused the small blue stone to fall to the floor, she swiped the set and silently dove for the safety of the closet she had fished them out of, leaving the door only just ajar. Everything had to be EXACTLY the way she had found it, and all she needed to do was wait LIIVI out then sneak away.

But LIIVI wasn't alone.

At first, Lofn wondered idly whether she should say something, or simply shut her eyes and pretend she wasn't there. But the way her parents kissed... the way their bodies met... the way their arms went around each other... something about the scene unfolding commanded her attention. She didn't WANT to watch: she HAD to.

Their lips parted, connected for a moment by a thin trail of saliva, before they rejoined again with even greater passion. One of LIIVI's powerfully-build arms held Taldeer close while the other forced its way past her outer garments, quickly and efficiently laying large stretches of her body bare. From the gap between the closet doors, Lofn spied her mother's hands as they undid the fastenings on the black fatigues her father wore when he wasn't fighting. With rapt attention, the half-eldar watched on as they stepped away from the pile of clothing, one of LIIVI's hands on Taldeer's back and the other lost amid her raven-black hair as he lowered her to their bed.

“I have needed this, lover mon'keigh,” Taldeer purred, eying the bulge in the human assassin's undershorts as he knelt over her. “Then I shall render assistance, Taldeer,” LIIVI replied as he tossed a pair of panties towards the closet door: they would have hit his daughter in the face had the doors been a bit wider open. Lowering her head to investigate the discarded clothing, Lofn swore she could smell her mother's excitement.

Taldeer, meanwhile, had slid her husband's shorts off, and grasped him by the balls. “Fuck me senseless,” she commanded. “I want to forget how pissed-off I am at the damned Council, so you have free reign to fuck me until I can't even walk anymore... then fuck me even more, until I can't think straight. Until. I'm. INSENSATE.” Lofn blushed silently at the unguarded lust in her mother's voice. She had rarely heard her mother swear, and DEFINTELY never seen her be so... so much like her aunt.

“Primary Asset request acknowledged,” LIIVI responded as he thrust down into her.

Lofn lost track of time as she silently watched the spectacle. It could have been minutes, or hours. She didn't know. She saw her parents doing things she couldn't have even imagined before: after pumping Taldeer for some time from above, LIIVI lay back and allowed the farseer to suck him clean. She did so with an almost zealous passion, her mouth making lewd little slurps as she worked him over base to tip. The young half-eldar's eyes went wide as her father finally lost control, spraying his wife's face with his seed before she managed to get her lips back down over the tip. From her vantage point in the closet, Lofn could see her mother swallow hard several times before it was done.

It was about the time Taldeer started begging LIIVI to “pound her tight little ass with his big mon'keigh cock” that Lofn began to notice something. Between her legs, there was a foreign sensation of wetness and heat... Auntie Macha used to use a wraithbone rod, but for a more petite, younger girl a single seer stone should be sufficient. As Taldeer moaned indecently to her partner, who in his turn pressed her up against the headboard and reamed her as hard as he could, Lofn slid the seer stone down the front of her skirt and into her shorts.

As she sat in silence, taking in the sensation of the cold, smooth stone nestled just inside her, Lofn realized that LIIVI had begun to work her mother's ears. The eldar was practically mewling in pleasure at his touch. Feeling curious, Lofn stroked her own ears and found them suddenly sensitive to the point she had to stifle a surprised gasp. Fascinating. Had they always been like that? Perhaps if she used a little more force... yes, that was good. Oh, Gods she could get used to that...

“FUCK YES!” Taldeer wailed as she finally climaxed, her convulsions forcing some of LIIVI's cum to spurt out onto the floor and her shout interrupting Lofn's experimentation. “ISHA, YES! FILL ME WITH YOUR FILTHY MON'KEIGH SPERM!”

Then her voice trailed off, as she noticed the closet doors opening. Her jaw dropped as Lofn stepped out without a word of explanation, having decided she could no longer stand the tension, her eyes communicating a degree of vague dissociation. Even though she could not see her daughter, the Farseer could hear her footsteps.

“... Lofn?” Taldeer croaked. “Is that you honey?”

LIIVI's eyes widened in disbelief. “Lofn, you should not be here.”

“I... this is... I mean we... wrestling?” Taldeer sputtered as another long strand of cum dripped from between her thighs.

“I'll be in my room.” Lofn offered quietly before turning to leave: the seer stone, unbeknownst to her parents, still tucked neatly amid her tight folds.

Perhaps Auntie Macha wasn't as weird as the half-eldar thought after all.


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