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Doesn't he look happy?.

Beeforged is a warforged filled with bees. ...Yeah. That's it.

... there HAS to be a story behind this.
Ok, everyone sit down and shut it. This is a good one.

Beeforged was a warforged that was in a party with Beleth Aes'tir, a self-proclaimed "awesome guy" tiefling who was, in fact, splendidly insane. There was also a human ranger, but he's unimportant. While traveling, Beleth found a beehive. He tore it down, opened the warforged up, and crammed the thing into his chest cavity. Throughout their journey, Beleth never bothered to remember their names. Their original quest was to save some guy's son, but turned out to be part of a bigger scheme (more on that later).

Now, Beeforged wasn't good at showing or understanding emotions, but after having the bees implanted in him that started to change. After about a week, he started humming with the bees. When Beleth decided to try out his disguise kit and dress as an elf woman (which he continued despite not needing a disguise), Beeforged enjoyed it in ways he had never felt before.

While traveling, the ranger was shot in the face by a Kobold. While Beleth patched him up, Beeforged cried tears of honey.

After the party finally got to the cave they were heading to, they found that a bunch of Kobolds were working for an Ork who was poisoning the waterhole for some sick image he worshipped, and the kid they were saving was going to be a snack-rifice. Beeforged was among them as they fought and put an end to it, though Beleth claims he did it singlehandedly, and after losing his sword, used monk powers to kill everything.


In general, a Beeforged may be a Warforged that is somehow made of/filled with/communes with bees. The most obvious class for a Beeforged would be Druid. Remember in particular that the 4e "Primal Power" rulebook contains the rules for a "Swarm Druid", a druid who specialises in insects and whose Wild Shape is a cloud of bugs, and you have the makings of a hilarious Beeforged. 5e "Tasha's Caldron of Everything" introduced Swarmkeeper Ranger which fits noticeably better into "warforged full of bees".